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    How would you define normal people?

    I grapple with this question from time to time.
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    If something happens to me....

    The first Christmas gift my then girlfriend, now wife, gave me was an axe.
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    If something happens to me....

    It's a chance I have to take
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    If something happens to me....

    My looks can't be any worse, so it really doesn't matter
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    If something happens to me....

    Really not much different than any number of abused women who've told friends, or even the court, that if anything happened to them it would likely be their ex. It was pretty sad, by all accounts from people on the forum who knew him IRL he was a great guy.
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    Thoughts on psychological savagery?

    This example isn't from a press conference, but it was psychological savagery IMO: Prior to a race Mark Spitz went into the men's room and there were a number of urinals, with only one being used, and the user was one of his competitors. Spitz could have used any of the free urinals, but chose...
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    If something happens to me....

    I get up fairly early and don't turn any lights on when I shower, and I shave in the shower going just by feel, even around my goatee and mustache. It isn't that hard.
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    If something happens to me....

    But in the OP's case who should we contact? The Saudi government wouldn't care, and if the OP is American, our government also wouldn't care, since the Orange One is best buds with MBS.
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    If something happens to me....

    On a completely unrelated forum where I'm a member, one of the regulars posted that if something happened to him that the police should be notified that a certain person had likely killed him. Within a couple of weeks it happened. It was a business beef, they had adjacent spaces in a small...
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    Effect of air bubble structure on tennis ball

    The bounce would be ever so slightly different, not as much as using regular balls in Denver, or vice versa. There might also be a minuscule difference in air resistance, which might make the ball land a millimeter or two shorter. Apart from the reference frames I mentioned in my previous post...
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    Effect of air bubble structure on tennis ball

    The air pressure in a bubble is slightly higher than outside, may result in a minor difference in play. I play in a building, in a bubble, and outside. For me, the differences are the frames of reference - ceilings change my frame of reference for the ball toss, the curved back wall of the...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    PIckleball is spreading, so are the measles
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    DUC dyno shorts

    Anyone tried the DUC men's dyno shorts?
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    Do you think the average person is capable of becoming a D1 athlete, given the proper environment?

    Yep, one of my nieces is a full ride D1 softball player, she was top 50 ranked in the nation while she was in high school. I asked her father if they came out ahead financially after all the travel teams/coaching/etc, and he said no, they pretty much broke even.
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    TW Brandography Week 2

    I wonder if the serous membrane (gut) of different breeds of cows, or differently fed/raised cows play differently. For example, would gut from a Tajima (the source of Kobe or Wagyu beef) be significantly different from a Guernsey or Holstein?