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    Why did you join TTW?

    To find out who has armpit hair
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    Vid of two guys at a rec tournament, guess their level

    A weird serve that killed a linesman
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    IPAs = PED?

    Not alcohol, not a PED, but still:
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    Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

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    Andy Murray is unhappy with the poor attendance at the China Open.

    There are a fair number of Chinese players in the WTA, including 5 in the top 100. Not so much the ATP, with only one player in the top 200.
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    Is Murray the Greatest Being on Planet Earth?

    According to Chrissie Hynde it is James Newell Osterberg Jr., aka Iggy Pop
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    Very much anticipated, my new Tecnifibre Ergo One

    One of my best friends from grade school is pretty much the world's leading authority on Klingon, but I doubt he knows much Ferengi.
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    Why didn't they stop the interstellar object?

    How fast are you moving? You may think you aren't moving at all, but let's assume someone is standing on the equator. The circumference of the Earth is a bit under 25000 miles. The Earth rotates around its axis every 24 hours, so someone on the equator is moving over 1000 mph. Next, the...
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    Why didn't they stop the interstellar object?

    Rather big If there. Basically we would have had to launch prior to observing it, especially given that it had a CPA to Earth of 0.276 a.u. (over 25 million miles), and we didn't actually notice it until it was past that point. So to intercept at 25 million miles, using New Horizon's speed...
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    Deadly brain shrinking fungus !
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    Why didn't they stop the interstellar object?

    On a serious note, Oumuamua was moving at > 98000 mph. The fastest craft ever launched by humans to date is the New Horizons which is moving at ~36000 mph. Nothing we have could catch up with Ourmuamua or Borisov.
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    Deadly brain shrinking fungus !

    In many cases the correct spelling is pay rents.
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    The Pros are going to have to start playing with wooden racquets again

    And require everyone to play right handed as well
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Merry Sisters of Fate by Lunasa
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    Best root beer?

    Agree. And I have tried Stewart's, but prefer IBC. I did used to love A&W from an A&W, not the stuff they sold in stores.