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    RF97 vs Gravity Pro

    @pico, I have both. I would say the RF97 has more spin and a heavier ball. Also a higher launch angle. The Gravity Pro is lighter so you can swing without having the ball sail when going for flat shots. Slice is good but not as much bite as the RF. Returns are better with the Gravity Pro if...
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    Ashtonbrewer94 = Great transaction!!!!

    Traded, Ashtonbrewer94 and transaction was smooth and communication was excellent. Highly recommended.
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    Pure Strike Tour 3rd gen

    looking forward to trying the Pure Strike tour. I have hit with the P17 and was too light, so wanting to see how this feels stock.
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    Yonex ezone XI 98 L3

    No longer looking, Thx TW!!
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    swfh = Great seller

    @swfh, great seller fast response and even faster shipping. And racquets as described!! Thx.
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    Xfactorer = Great seller

    Bought a stick from @XFactorer and was extremely fast with emails and pictures. Highly recommended. Thanks!!
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Possibly looking to buy or demo the HD but I keep hearing that wrist issues arise. Is it due to the flex? Just curious if anyone has had problems with this. I am at least going to demo but I don't think thats enough time to see if my arm will feel the affects after hitting for a couple week s...
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    Yonex ezone XI 98 L3

    looking for a couple Ezone XI 98 frames. PM or at hotmail dot com
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    I am going to have to demo the HD. I'm kinda nervous as the reviews are mixed. I have a gravity pro which is awesome. Thanks, @TW Staff and the playtest. Tried the v7 18X20 and I did not gel with the swing weight. I used the VCore HG 330 (orange) 3 years ago and loved the 16x20 pattern. They...
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    FS: Head and Babolat

    All racquets have been sold.
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    Rochaz = Great seller and buyer

    Had the pleasure of selling and buying from rochaz. Do not hesitate he is trustworthy and great communication as well.
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    Head Gravity

    I had 2 Gravity Pro's and traded one for a Gravity Tour to try out. I have not had much time on court with the Tour, but wanted to compare since the Tour is a little lighter. I love the Gravity Pro's consistency really just curious to how the Tour model added up. First off the Gravity Pro is a...
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    veloduffer = Great trader!!!!

    Traded racquets with no issues and great communication!!!! Do not hesitate.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I can agree there is more plow on the blade, and more control on the Gravity Pro. I am going towards the Gravity Pro, I can sustain the rally longer and move the ball side to side. The blade has good serves and does have nice plow as well, but I feel so disconnected from the ball. I think the SW...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike (16x19, 18x20, Tour) 3rd Gen Playtest

    Congrats to the playtesters!! Looking forward to the reviews!!