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    what NTRP is this kid?

    Wow, so antagonistic. Again you said he'd beat the same players I said he'd beat, so where's the disagreement? I have no delusions of grandeur (or commitment to one, where did that come from), tennis is a hobby. I'd congratulate him, marvel at his skill for that age, and go on with my day. I...
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    what NTRP is this kid?

    You agree with me saying he would beat the exact level of players that I also said he would, but then you say I've underestimated him. I think he would fall in the 4.0 range, and it would depend on how well the 4.0s exploited his physical disadvantages. I play frequently with 4.5s and think I...
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    what NTRP is this kid?

    I'm a 4.0, and I've played some highly skilled 11-13 year old up-and-comers. Height is just a massive disadvantage. I have a very consistent, if not very fast, top spin serve that kicks reasonably high. It's not a big weapon even at the 4.0 level, but against these kids it's brutal. The same...
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    Doomed to being just a 3.5 NTRP player?

    From my own experience over-thinking can be extremely counterproductive. I started playing as an adult and was quickly competitive at 3.5. I got spoiled by the improvement, and I plateaued. I got absolutely obsessed with why I wasn't getting better faster, and it really hurt my game as well as...
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    How noisy is a Lobster Elite?

    Congrats on deciding Jennifer. You said exactly what I've been thinking, that if I went for the Elite 3 I might as well get the Elite IV. I'm still really debating whether or not I need just basic oscillation vs the fully random feature, so my decision is down the the Elite 1 vs Elite IV...
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    Poll: The Wrist Snap; autonomic or deliberate

    Interesting... I've been rebuilding my serve on the advice of coaches. The main criticism is that I tense up and don't allow myself a full racquet drop. To fix this I've been doing the ultra loose, 2 fingers on the racquet serving drill. The idea being if my grip is loose I need to use the...
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    11oz vs 12oz with identical Swingweights

    I've always used 12oz racquets, but lately I've tried a couple slightly lighter ones with similar swingweights to what I'm used to. My current racquet is a Prince Speedport Tour (12oz, 335sw), and my previous was an n6.1 95. I've really enjoyed hitting with the Prince Ignite Team and the...
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    Lobster Elite 3 and Tennis Tutor Player Questions

    To those with the Lobster Elite 2 and up, is the vertical oscillation useful? I've heard it can't vary depth all that well because it will start shooting into the net.
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    Federer losing motivation at Masters just as Sampras did after Wimbledon 2000

    I also think other players have an easier time playing loose at smaller events. Beating Roger at a slam is a much bigger deal, and not many players have that champion's mental toughness for the big stage.
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    Any Prince Speedport Tour users out there?

    Unfortunately I haven't used either of those since I've been a pretty faithful SP Tour user. I can only compare it to some older racquets. I originally switched because I was looking for basically a slightly lighter and easier to use Wilson 6.1 95 type racquet. The listed TW spec was 11.7...
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    Any Prince Speedport Tour users out there?

    I've been using it since it was released, and I don't really get why it didn't catch on. I think it's a fantastic racquet, so I think maybe it was the boring cosmetics.
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    Whoa, new Prince EXO3 racket

    Speedport Tour replacement?
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    Unstrung specs estimate

    I ordered a Speedport tour and asked for the specs marked so I could buy another if I liked it. I do, but they marked the strung specs. Can anyone venture an decent estimate for the unstrung specs of this strung racquet? The strung specs are 11.9 ounces, 332 swingweight strung with full Cyber...
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    Racquet matching question

    I ordered a couple Speedport Tours and requested that they be measured in case I'd like to snag a couple more before you sold out completely. Unfortunately I forgot to mention to measure before stringing, and they came measured strung. Now I'm not sure what weight to request now that I want to...
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    Speedport Tour, new Prince offerings

    I've been a very happy Speedport Tour user for quite a while, and I really had no intention of changing anytime soon. I was surprised to see it was being discontinued. I was wondering if anyone in the know on future Prince products can tell me if it will be replaced with something similar, or...