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    What's a non-contact sport to pick up for improving tennis?

    Curling. If you can maintain your balance on the ice, you should be ok on the court. Plus, chicks dig big stones, so you got that going for ya...
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    The obvious reason junk ballers are so much better at match play than you are

    This is what is most intetesting to me. Fiddler was/is TTPS? THAT clears up some of Fiddler's posts and threads. If true, thank you for pointing that out socal.
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    Checked my UTR Rating this morning

    Go for it. Tell them it is 4.689 out of 10 - below average, so you got that going for yourself!
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Consider this - there are college scholarships for shooting, curling, video game play, long before some colleges offer pickleball scholarships?
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    First USTA Match

    For most people the mandated warm up is not enough time. Some don't care, but it's a time constraint to try to get as many matches in without lengthy delays for leagues starting after yours. Play USTA matches long enough and you'll occasionally have a 9pm match that doesn't START til 11pm. It...
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    His moonball recognition was noticeably delayed.

    No, but then l never hit moonballs, and rarely hit lobs. Part of that is because many of my social play friends all hit pretty strong overheads, even from near baseline. I'm the one they SHOULD be OHs suck.
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    Where are the balls?

    I had a case on back order for Penn's here on TW...took over a month. A friend ordered a case from Tennis e x press and he got them in 2 days. Go figure.
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    Things you miss that don't exist anymore?

    Years ago l bought about a dozen of these at a yard sale for like 50 cents. I've got one in my car for loose change right now. They are perfect for storing small items, tiny screws, paper clips, beads, etc. Back in the day l would scrape my pot thru a mesh food strainer. That removed all the...
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    Complete Mental ******** Headcase

    Hey, if that works for you... but in my pretty large circle of tennis friends, we call people that do that "cheaters". Nobody likes them or playing with them. They never get called for social play. Ever. But, if winning by doing that helps you feel good about yourself, that's on you, right?
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    Complete Mental ******** Headcase

    That is bizarre. And very mentally fragile. Hate to see that guy in traffic situations. Smh
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    Complete Mental ******** Headcase

    In social play for my group one of the standard lines is something like, "You know, we're playing the lines are IN today...." for league play, you can verbally question the call, but if continues, well, the "response" depends on the individual. In both cases, if you know the opponent, then...
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    Do you know anyone who "beat" tennis and walked away ?

    Yes. I beat tennis. I beat tennis, then I beat my racquets, then I walked away. Here is video proof. (My name is Marcos, but I go by "Mike" for short.)
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    Formula 1

    With a fresh engine too.
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    Things you miss that don't exist anymore?

    One word: Binge watching
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    Things you miss that don't exist anymore?

    True, but that wasn't a good thing. Now l can record and skip thru commercials.