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    The Murray Bandwagon

    I retired from these boards in 2013, not long after that year's Wimbledon. As a lifelong British tennis fan in his mid-40s, watching that final gave me a sense of completeness that I doubted I'd ever experience. Between that and the Fedalovic zealots on TT, I just quit commenting altogether...
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    Manipulation of ATP Ranking Points

    That's my understanding too. Even non-commitment players are required to play in the Masters events if their ranking is high enough to give them direct entry. Per rule 9.03B (emphasis mine): "B. Non-commitment Players. The Emirates ATP Rankings is based on calculating, for each player, his...
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    Best 5th Set Ever?

    Remembered another one ~ Chang vs Lendl at the '89 FO ~ including MC's (literally) underhand tactics. With the Tiananmen Square massacre unfolding in Beijing at the same time, his success was one of those more-than-just-tennis moments, certainly for Asians. Regards, MDL
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    Best 5th Set Ever?

    There's a very good thread about that in the FPP from last year, with a lot of quotes from Laver about it. Before my time, unfortunately. Totally forgot that one! (Although admittedly I thought the tears came mid-match, not in the final set ~ although you are correct.) That was a real...
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    Best 5th Set Ever?

    Here come the kids again... :-? Off the top of my head, without any research whatsoever: Borg vs McEnroe, 1980 Wimbledon final McEnroe vs Wilander, 1982 Davis Cup QF Becker vs Lendl, 1988 Masters final Connors vs Krickstein, 1991 US Open 4R Becker vs Sampras, 1996 Masters final Rafter vs...
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    whose career would you like to have?

    Guillermo Coria springs to mind as well. What about Tommy Haas? He's done well, but who knows what he'd have achieved without his injuries. Same with Thomas Muster and Brian Baker. Regards, MDL EDIT: TennisOcean beat me to that last one. It's a very good choice, since at least all the others...
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    whose career would you like to have?

    I don't think Ernie's daddy is quite as wealthy as some people believe. According to the Baltic Times, Latvia's three richest families are worth about US$200m, US$85m, and US$60m respectively, and none of them were called Gulbis. If that's accurate, I'll take Federer's career and Federer's...
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    Why Federer Will Not Have A Late Career Surge Like Agassi "Also used when recalling and retelling another's words, as a substitute for the portions of the speech deemed irrelevant." The content of your first post wasn't relevant to me, so I substituted your words for the sake of brevity. What was relevant was the...
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    Why Federer Will Not Have A Late Career Surge Like Agassi

    Do you have multiple personality disorder, or did you forget to log in under an alternative username? :confused: Regards, MDL
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    Murray is tanking tournaments again

    Are you unfamiliar with English, and think "tanks" is another word for "injured"? When the only sensible post on page one of an anti-Murray thread is by F1Bob, you know you have problems... From Agassi's autobiography: "In the semis I face Chang. I know I can win, but I also know that I will...
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    bagel set

    That's a bizarre one. Do you know the circumstances, or was it just general Nastase flakiness? :shock: Also, Mustard: do you have any other examples of both players winning a bagel set, like the one from 2005 I mentioned earlier (Gaudio v Nadal, Buenos Aires)? Regards, MDL
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    Who do you think is the best volleyer

    Look at the rest of Henman's attributes: reasonable (first) serve, mediocre groundstrokes, a bit scrawny and unathletic, not remotely clutch under pressure. Is there any other part of his game that you'd rate as top 20? Top 50 even? Take away Tim's volleys and I think he'd have been just another...
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    Who do you think is the best volleyer

    I'd rate Henman's volleys over Sampras too. Sampras had a much better serve and approach, was a better athlete, had a better overhead, and I'll acknowledge that he was probably better on the half-volley. That meant Pete had a better overall net game (by a distance). He was also mentally...