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    Medvedev new shoes : Lacoste AG‐LT 21 Ultra

    I held them in my hand at the French Open and I thought they are really weak and cheap fabrics. Didn’t seem like a serious tennis shoe but more for the ball kids.
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    Ever heard of this guy? Needs some help for anger management.

    Calling someone who has been top 20 without a forehand or a decent second serve not very talented.... you must understand the game very well
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    Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?

    Can you imagine Rublev hitting with a real instinct?
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    Any sponsorship changes for 2021 season?

    Kovalik switched from prince to head? Saw the new radical paint in a video of him and Marchenko
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    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    Looks like their design. Definitely not a regular vapor colorway and there doesn't seem to be a swoosh.
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    What’s the worst racket to ever win a grand slam final?

    How about Oliver Marach with an artengo racket :)
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    Andrey Rublev: A Force of Nature. .. Racquet and Specs

    No, he was changing with his burn pro staff and ultra paintjob
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    Andrey Rublev: A Force of Nature. .. Racquet and Specs

    In next gen finals 2018 (or 2017? I think 2018) he was using 6.1, H22 and H19. After that he kept using the H22 for a small time but then changed back to the 6.1 quite shortly after that. In cincy 2019 his last match with the 6.1 was against Roger. That tournament he was switching around a lot...
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    String lower tension in the cold?

    Tennis legend on Facebook shared the stats. I think it was on average 2-3kgs lower tension with Mannarino as lowest with 9.5kg instead of normally around 11.
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    Daniel altmaier racquet

    He used DR few years ago. seems like the same
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    Tennis needs a 2nd slam on red clay.

    Indeed and it's super hard to prep it correctly for the tournament.
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    Wawrinka lead placement, quantity?

    Pretty sure its 15cm (6inches)
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    “Brutal conditions”

    If these conditions are brutal then everyone living and playing north of France must be an absolute warrior