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    Technifibre triax

    Triax 16 ga played well for me but popped after about a week (10 hours) plan to try 15L. Makes a funny noise but good spin and balance of control and power.
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    What's your favorite Poly and Syn Gut hybrid?

    Which syn gut and poly do you use at what tension?
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    Trying out arm friendly Gut/Poly at low tensions

    I just tried a nat gut hybrid for the first time: Luxilon NG 16 at 54 x Tier One Ghost Wire 17 at 49 in my Ezone 100. I'm not loving it. Less spin and a thud sound on shots hit hard. Prefer NXT Control (only lasts about 6 hours) or VCT red/Prince syn gut 15L.
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    tension question, poly -> syn gut

    Have you considered poly mains and syngut cross, that's what I use. Give up some spin but gain power (and comfort).
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    Tennis Pros on youtube, who do you find most helpful?

    in addition to the list above I like: Intuitive Tennis RacquetFlex Videos John Craig 15 Points of Tennis 2 Minute Tennis
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    Tension Recommendation from full NXT to Poly/Multi hybrid

    I went from NXT control at 55 to VCT red main at 50/Prince syn gut cross at 54 without trouble. I like the extra spin potential but miss a bit of pop and feel.
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    Mystery Strings

    shadow01 - No can't get the ends to fray. No writing I can see. Steve - Thanks for the guess. I really like this strings on this racquet (Ezone 100).
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    Mystery Strings

    This may be a long shot - can anyone guess what strings these are? Main are dark grey and cross are light grey. Looks like poly but soft with more power than VCT red (maybe because of low tension).
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    Which string has the best dwell/ball compression and at which tension?

    Specifically what cross do you use and what tension?
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    15 gauge cross string

    I like Prince Tournament Nylon 15L as a cross with VCT red mains. The thick nylon lasts longer and I think the hybrid performance is more consistent over time than full VCT.
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    Inexpensive Hybrid for Club Player

    I don't string my own so can't say definitively - but I don't see why not.
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    Inexpensive Hybrid for Club Player

    Why poly hybrid? If I were you would use all gut or all NXT.
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    Sklz Catapult

    I've been looking at ball machines for a while now but haven't been willing to part with the cash because I'm such a cheapskate. Thanks to Beltsman in a thread on the Tennis Twist I became aware of the cheap Sklz Catapult soft toss machine for kids. I was a little shocked at how wimpy the...
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    Vibration dampener, vibrations and feel

    My hitting partner got a dampener and his slight arm discomfort went away. I never used them with a pro staff 85 but do with RF97A - a stiffer racquet. Tried the Babolat Vibrakill and it killed the feel for me.