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    The Nick Kyrgios car crash

    Unfortunately he didn't get hurt.
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    Wilson Prostaff question

    They will probably do like Head, kill off their best raquets and keep selling **** ones.
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    Are you happy that future ATGs are coming?

    Off topic but that Shangai presenter is far more annoying then Aus Open KIA guy.
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    Ball abuse Mr. Federer

    He can abuse my balls anytime.
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    Are women's slams really (much) tougher to win than certain WTA Tier I events?

    Womens slams are just a side event to the mens. Like the wheelchair and junior events. Indian wells 2018 was Naomi Osakas most impressive slam win.
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    Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

    Monte Carlo, Montreal/Toronto, Shanghai or Paris. Why? Because of no wta tournament.
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    The greatest decade in tennis open era history?

    It was on life support until Pistol pulled the plug 2 months later.
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    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    Who ever Nadal is playing in the final is more difficult than Federer/Djokovic at that particular tournament. Otherwise one of them would have made the final.
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    K factor 2019

    Will the grommets fit the Ncode 6.1 95?
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    Why does womens game have great young talent but not the mens

    Because 15 year old girls can beat grown women.