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    The myth that Sampras didn't really try in Masters-level tournaments (off clay)

    Same 4 guys reach all the semis and finals = strong competition. Ok sure.
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    Masters 1000 - threads disappeared

    Djokovic doesn't care about masters anymore, haven't you heard? Thats why it was deleted.
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    Christian Garin MIA?

    He is playing in Geneva this week.
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    Why does Djokovic have such a poor overhead/smash?

    That gif is better than viagra.
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    Vajda has to fix that overhead before RG

    Hire Sampras as smashconsultant.
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    Kyrgios penalty is a joke

    Trial by combat would be a suitable punishment. I choose Stanimal as the champion.
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    New Head Racquet

    PT630 25y edition?
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    Why some posters don't like Nadal?

    Because I'm a Carlos Bernandes fan.
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    Will the M1000 tournaments be important again for the Big 3?

    The opinion of people on this forum does not matter in the real tennisworld. If the structure of the tour remains the same, the master tournaments will continue to have the same importance as they have had for at least the last ten years. How the Big3 perform in them makes no difference.
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    Wimbledon rule change after Nadal-Djokovic roof controversy

    He wasn't right then as the rules were followed. Just because he whined about it after the match doesn't make it a controversy.
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    If Sampras had won the Barcelona Open 11 times...

    Pista 12 more slams than Rafter.
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    Who is greater: Agassi or Sampras?

    Because people have a very selective memory.
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    Back When clay was the funnest surface

    Not just clay, tennis in general was better in the 90s.