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    Why did I miss this return of serve?

    Too Close ... Too Early ... - As soon as you see it's coming to your forehand ... your shoulders lean to the right (too close) ... only able to swing across ... not out. - Then you don't wait for it to come to you ... hitting too far out front. BOTH of these are a natural result of...
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    Casual Tennis Etiquette?

    Say what you WANT at the moment you're asked ... ... ... like ... "I'd love to have some long rallies and work my consistency." ~ MG
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    One handed bh vids for Chas

    Show me a video of what you you got ... 1HBH. ~ MG
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    One handed bh vids for Chas

    Frisbee has two (2) bends ... at the wrist and at the elbow ... extending at the same time ... with the goal of keeping the forward momentum of each ... ON THE SAME PLANE ... flat ... toward the target. Tennis has the goal of racquet head momentum going forward toward the target. ... but also...
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    One handed bh vids for Chas

    So I'll take that as a "No" ... Cheers ... good work so far ... keep it up! ~ MG
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    One handed bh vids for Chas

    A lot of talk here about what "model" of 1HBH one uses ... and individual details that can have an effect ... ... ... but there is ONE major thing happening here that Shroud needs to address ... and that is his arm needs to be STRAIGHT AT CONTACT ... ... ... and there are a number of little...
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    One handed bh vids for Chas

    Head and shoulder "tilt" on pretty much every backhand ... resulting in a bit of falling out of each shot ... not able to hit OUT enough ... currently positioned too close to the ball ... leading with the elbow ... swinging mostly across. First forward movement should be a rotation OUT...
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    Comment on technique (videos)

    Mostly just one thing I will bring attention to on each stroke ... regarding mindfulness of the ELBOW. 1) SERVE: Just after Ready Position ... and before the elbow goes back down ... you raise it while it's still in front of your chest. I would have you keep it down. This down at Ready ... up...
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    Serve Breakthrough

    The Racquet Drop is initiated by the raising of the ELBOW ... from LOW ... at Trophy Position ... to HIGH ... as it begins to thrust upward (over the shoulder) toward Contact. While in a fully developed serve ... the legs may drive upward at the same time ... they do NOT "initiate" the racquet...
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    Return problem

    The problem with most players is NOT their lack of correct anticipation ... it is their tendency to anticipate TOO MUCH ... like ALL the time! In reality ... you often have much more time to respond than you think (or FEEL) you do ... as long as you don't make a move before you know where the...
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    Supination during FH

    WTA and REC players ... NO supination or pronation throughout(*) ... elbow "Pointed DOWN" (and racquet face remains vertical) on backswing ... and ... on forward swing to Contact. On follow through ... WTA may pronate(*) ... but not advised for REC players. ATP players ... pronation on...
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    Serving (updates)

    Your serve looks pretty good. Serving into the net ... most common issues are ... ... ... tossing too far forward ... or ... left arm coming down too soon ... not hitting UP enough. ~ MG
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    Best order to learn fundamentals

    Without having a correct STROKE embedded FIRST ... a player will NEVER be able to find exactly what positioning ("footwork") is needed in order to use it. And ... without having a correct RACQUET-BACK POSITION already embedded in surface mind and muscle memory ... a player will NEVER be able to...
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    Serve : did I have an epiphany or am I wrong ?

    Joyfully analyze the serves of pros all you want ... but for everyone here on THIS FORUM ... and for pretty much everyone you might encounter at your local tennis facility ... it is the upper body mechanics that players have issues with ... and that need to be focused on. For all but very...
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    How would you coach someone who has bad feet/legs?

    Have him focus on his balance (shoulders up and away from the ball) ... and a full backswing (racquet head 180 degrees away from the contact point ... across the pivotal point of the shoulder) ... and dead center racquet at ready position. Even if his feet can't get into the perfect position...