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    Serve feedback needed

    Change you grip to a continental ... your swing path should be to the right net post (NOT your target) ... and ... your wrist bend should be from 1:00 to 7:00 (as on a clock ... with a vertical hand - thumb up and little finger down). Your toss is also WAY too high ... causing a big pause in...
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    Playing with my Dad

    Forehand ... YES ... right foot outside of right shoulder ... plus as vertical as you can with upper body ... don't go for power as you practice just working on balance and vertical rotation. Backhand ... think of the racquet head going behind your BODY on the backswing (handle aimed at left...
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    Playing with my Dad

    Forehand stroke is very nice ... though you're not getting much rotational (angular) momentum ... due to your weight being almost outside of your right foot a lot ... thereby not having a planted foot to push off of. Notice how little your shoulders rotate on the follow through after contact...
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    Starter almost 2 years ago, would love some advice!

    Very nice for two years. Just a few things ... Forehand: I'd advise positioning just a little farther away from the line of the ball so you can hit out more ... instead of pretty much hitting straight across your body ... Backhand: on lower balls keep your head from dipping ... shoulders more...
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    Afraid to take group lessons

    You mention "class" ... which means it all would depend on who is GIVING the class. Hanging around other players with "bad habits" just means he gets to focus on his OWN strokes and process in the midst of less-than-perfect influences ... which would lead me to ask the only real question ... ...
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    Price of 1h tennis lesson in your part of the world?

    In a very funny way ... the "Cost" of a lesson doesn't really matter ... only the ACURACY and the eagle-eyedness of the pro giving the lesson. I can take someone who's had a hundred lessons from a very "well-informed" coach ... and bring attention not just to things never covered before ... but...
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    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    At this early of a stage I would really resist the desire for his stroke to "look" like a modern forehand. He currently does not have mindful awareness (or control) of his racquet face angle. His racquet face should be VERTICAL throughout the entire process ... from ready position ... through...
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    HS Coaches - using ball machines?

    Absolutley YES to the ball machine ... especially if there's someone there making sure they are repeating good technique ~ MG
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    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    If Federer is who you love ... and Federer is who you'd love him to play/look like ... then stick with the eastern. Truth is ... MANY people have problems with high balls ... and the solution is not (in falling back ... in moving up ... or) in a grip change ... but in changing how far forward...
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    Critique My Serve

    The biggest issue is chasing a wild toss. First ... get set for at least a second ... with no movement at all. Second ... keep your arm straight during the toss. Lastly ... if your tossing arm comes up on a line toward the right net post ... you can easily avoid what's happening now with your...
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    How to keep enough space from the ball?

    Crowding the ball is a common thing ... that happens to be based on the natural animal instinct to go TOWARDS whatever is being "targeted" ... in this case the moving ball. The solution is best achieved if you have a pro ... a ball machine ... or a feeding partner ... and hundreds of balls are...
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    1 hand Backhand

    It is very subtle ... but yourr racquet head is still going a little too much "downhill" during the first part of your forward stroke. The pronation of the right arm should be a little more complete ... getting the racquet head to its lowest point ... BEFORE it starts coming forward. Facing a...
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    Where am I losing power?

    There are TWO things that are not currently in your mindful awareness ... that happen to be fundamental aspects of the serve. 1) You do NOT want to hit DOWN ... and 2) You do NOT want to swing TOWARDS the target. On the deuce side ... your swing path should be to the right net post ... and you...
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    Inconsistent Forehand

    Most of the stroke is quite good ... but ... The path of your elbow across the right side of your stomach is kind of all over the place ... which is affecting ... among other things ... your elevation control. I would advise keeping your elbow attitude more consistent ... namely pointed more...
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    Two-way miss- swing path too vertical?

    If I was on the court working with you ... I would NOT focus on "sections" ... but I would get you to have level shoulders throughout the ENTIRE stroke. Right now ... the non-level shoulder action is heavily entrenched ... and will need major harnessing to correct ~ MG