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    Someone told me that you invest in stocks? Could you tell me some tips on which stocks to buy?
    Have you ever "upgraded" your phone line? I've got the old type that I need to replace with Cat 5.

    I need to do this in order to use my router without problems.

    Any insight into correct wire-to-wire would be GREAT! Best,
    Hello Michael,
    just curious: are you actually looking for more of the rackets you're using at the moment?
    What were your main impressions on this journey? Would you think I'd adapt well to Graphene Prestige MP despite the grip shape (TW doesn't sell the IG Prestige's anymore).
    Any info would help my decision, despite the fact that I was almost decided on a pair of Redondo Mids!
    I confess your journey through racquet switching (including having tried the PK KI 5 PSE, which also interests me) has gotten me interested in the IG Prestige's, because you come from a ProStaff/small headsize background as well and have tried racquets that I look forward to trying.
    Or from your experience and what you gathered from other users I may be disappointed and would start my racquet search again?
    I see you currently play with IG Prestige MP. I tried Djokovic's 2014 racquet and it felt nice but a bit sluggish on the 1HBH. I also prefer Wilson's rounded/squared grip shape in contrast with Head's rectangular shape.
    I am in search of a flexible racquet that would suit well for the 1 handed backhand. The PK Redondo Mid met the perfect specs for me. However, you say it lacks you think I should still give it a try, using sythetic gut like Gosen Micro OG @ 50 lbs on mains and TurboTwist (extremely flexible poly) on crosses @ 48lbs and maybe adding lead tape would fit my needs?
    I played for about 10 years with the Prostaff 90 line, but have been bothered by tennis elbow the last couple of years. I made the switch to Volkl PowerBridge 10 and the tennis elbow does not bother.
    Hi movdaq,
    I am interested in buying a pair of PK Redondo Mid, after reading the main forum and many postings/reviews. I live in Brazil and therefore will not be able to demo before purchasing. However, your opinion may have stopped me from doing so...
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