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    Is there a "Poly-like" non-poly string?

    How to avoid string moving of non poly mains? Every time I try it, hybrid or full bed non poly, the main starts moving right away. Does that mean I’m stringing too low?
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    Appeals and Questions

    Is it auto approved/declined, like once I click 'appeal' I'll see the result, or real person would be reviewing the request? If it gets declined, can I appeal again later? Also if I appeal after playing some matches at the new level, would those be considered in the appealing decision?
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    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    I believe usta is 18+ only. But yes I’m not aware of what prevents people from self rating at any level
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    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    The lowest rating you can get from a match is opponent’s dynamic rating minus 0.5 so he’ll be a 4.0
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    Struggling to bring my A game against pushers

    I love playing games with pushers. The only thing one can't practice against a pusher is handling pace, but most recreational players just hit hard against each other down the middle 90% of time as 'practice' so handling pace is the definitely not the most lacked part of their game
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    Solinco Hyper-G vs Confidential

    Pretty much what’s said above. Confidential is a bit deader/stiffer, while Hyper-g feels slightly softer and more muted. Playability is really close, confidential maybe has slightly more grip on the ball and thus more spin/less power but it’s splitting hair here. If you can compare them side by...
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    Head racket grip size pallet change - any change in racket weight?

    yes. replacement pallet weights are all over the place
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    Is his style of play the main reason people underrate Med?

    I'm really interested in how he and his coach developed his technique, especially his forehand. Some of his shots are a huge NO for any coach coaching a kid but somehow they managed to make it work, to the level of grand slam winner
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    It's weird that Tecnifibre is still using those old Head flat grip shape, in a time even Head ditched it. But it could be an easy fix if you are wiling to do a bit of DIY. Just buy some dry wall tape and apply it to the wide bevels, maybe 2/3 layers and it will feel like exactly like a Wilson...
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    Head Headsizes

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    Head Headsizes

    AFAIK, any radical mp with graphene in name is true 98, anything before it was 95. prestige mid pre graphene was 90 and post graphene mid/rev pro is real 93. Prestige mp is real 98 in latest 360+ version, but prestige pro is still 95 and also listed as 95 now. No idea about Microgel radical pro...
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    Generic ESPN/TennisChannel Complaint Thread

    do they share some commentators this time? normally tennis channel sounds like a breeze when switching to it from espn or nbc
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    Favorite Yonex paint jobs?

    Nothing looks and plays like the orange tour g. Hummer of tennis racquet. Even better with Stan the man 15 RG shorts.
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    New Head Radical MP --- how does it FEEL to you?

    Not as plush as speed or prestige. Has a slight vibration that feels like glass breaking, but no arm pain with poly. sweetspot is a bit small but plays really well with some weight.
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    Why is the Yonex Vcore Pro 97 HD Being Dumped?

    probably because they sold a load more compared to 310/330. When I tried it I preferred prestige mp which has almost identical spec. Also those prestige type racquets are slowly losing ground, largely due to Yonex’s pioneering of making power/spin racquets more controlled and comfortable. Say I...