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    The new solid core Donnay

    Anyone using them? The allwood looks great
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    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    Well, I am going to be 66 this December. Haven’t played much tennis however have done a lot of biking and skied over 60 days last season pain free. I think the twisting, turning motions of tennis were not doing me any good. I still practice my serves regularly and hit with a ball machine all...
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    Better Beginner Stringer: Klippermate or MiStringer?

    I bought a Klippermate over 10 years ago. Great stringer has held up very well and I see no reason to change.
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    Showing off some NOS TADs TA Davis standards, topspins, and Its

    Absolutely incredible! Back in the day I was a Davis Classic guy and today have a few really nice vintage Davis racquets.
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    DO NOT USE - Tecnifibre Grips

    frequently happens with quite a few overgrips. Seems to depend upon how much you sweat. I find if there is any residue I let it dry and it will flake off with my fingers. As I always use an overgrip, to me it's no big deal
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    Ultimate Comfort Racquet - help me narrow it down

    The answer is always...POG
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    My first woodie - a bit of a revelation

    I grew up playing with a Davis Classic. Moved to a Donnay Allwood Pro at some point but really liked the Davis much better. I can remember showing up for the first time with the Allwood Pro and my friend and I looking at it and the Davis and noting how much nicer of a build the Davis had. The...
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    Dunlop M-FIL 2 Hundred Twenty 6

    The M-fil 300 is still my racquet of choice in fact I have a new one still in the wrapper as a back up For me i find it a great racquet that noting else compares to. For just hitting around I prefer my Head Composite Edge
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    My small collection of older Head racquets

    The Composite Edge is my all time favorite racquet. I own 5 and use them as often is possible
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    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    By pain I mean there was a bit of a burning sensation at the bottom of the knee. A bit of rest and it went away. At no time during the season was I eating Ibros or Aleve for any reason. This season I skied a lot of powder both light and heavy, Cut up powder and flat groomers. I am thinking...
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    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    I am questioning why you would recommend a knee replacement at this time when I have zero pain, able to fully flex and skied all season without difficulty
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    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    Thanks for the response. This season I have met many skiers with torn meniscus,acl problems etc the latest medical idea seems to be " no pain, no surgery ". When in the off season, I live at the beach so following your advice should be simple. If I stick with tennis I think I will limit myself...
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    Anyone playing with a torn medial meniscus?

    heard a popping in my knee when flexing. No pain at all. MRI shows the tear and zero cartilage within the knee. Age 63. Skied 6 weeks this winter. By the 5th week it was a bit tender. Took 3-4 days to recover back to no pain. Skiing is my passion but I love tennis as well but am worried about...
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    Playing professionally...

    Give yourself a year, live for tennis. Even if you don't make it you will have that year to look back on for the rest of your life.
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    Prince Phantom

    And a 12 oz 98 would be perfect