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    RDX 500 v. RDS 001

    it feels hollow because it is...
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    Pro head sizes

    is the most popular music the best?
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    Babolat Craze

    body for power, racquet for control
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    Roger using a new racket/pj???

    and entities is spelt "entitities"...
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    Who apart of Agassi playing with big head size?

    social players
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    Ever blindly buy a racket?

    basically this buying-style accounts for most of the racquets i own and have hated.. and loved demoing is for pussies... ;)
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    so this lady took pitures of me and i think i look kinda like nadal

    i can see the resemblance... you're both playing tennis
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    Which brand "bites" the ball the best?

    obviously all t do with density of string bed. i think yonex are well-recognised with respect to this attribute.. my dog bites the ball pretty well too
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    What is the best raquet for player seeking control

    if you want control, try some midsizes.. don't forget yonex
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    Has anyone tried Yonex Shoes????

    i think they r farkin great
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    Is there a difference in feel between Yonex Super Grap overgrip colors?

    use signum pro o/grips... the best
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    1HBH and smaller racquet heads

    feels more manoeuvrable to me... either way, i defo prefer the mid with the 1hbh. it needs the control and stability of a mid
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    I think I may have to abandon my RDX500 90

    nicely said redflea! it is a mad racquet
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    i pose this question to MP users: why are your MP frames better than OS frames? ..then you have the answer to why mids are better than MPs..
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    travlerajm, maybe you're right but in reference to myself nd your quote; i used an rd-7 midplus for about 5 years.. plenty of flex there...