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    You want pics of the Prince Speedport Graphite its about the shoes...
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    FS Wilson Nblade white buttcap 4 1/2

    racket has been sold.
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    FS Wilson Nblade white buttcap 4 1/2

    Im selling this Wilson Nblade that a local club pro gave to me because he has no need for it anymore and i do not use this racket. Comes with a brand new Wilson Leather grip new grommets, and a white Wilson buttcap with a trap door. I believe it was only used for 1 month. It has minor...
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    What racquet is Lee using?

    It looks like this with lead.
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    no i hit with the 100. maybe weight had do do something with it, my frame is 12.8 oz(fxp radical tour leaded with leather grip) and the day i hit with it my coach brought it out so i tried it for the sake of trying. whatever the problem is, it really felt stiff for me, like mid 60's range.
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    The New Nike Breathe Free III's

    I think the problem with the BIII are the color options. well i just came across this color which i think looks the best thus far and it matches my college team colors. and also found this
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    Ive hit with it and it does not feel that flexible. If anything its pretty stiff, something maybe wrong with the specs.
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    Got my new PC600! :)

    awesome stick and amazing quality for a camera phone.
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    Nike Breathe Free 3 - Clumbsy?

    I know what you mean. I felt that the 3's toebox were more aggressive thus when you are on your toes it lacks a bit of support. I have found the ankle support to be at par. Its not bad but not great.
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    New Head Tour Team Supercombi Bag?
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    head tour team bags

    if you look down a few threads you will find out your answer.
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    Coria's racquet

    maybe you dont see the o ports because venus is in the way of the 3 n 9 positions.
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    True Tour frames that're/were sold to public

    Dont forget the POG.
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    Which pros don't use overgrips?

    He used tourna during AO.