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    String options for Clash 98

    Is the thought that it doesn’t matter (for most people) when the crosses goes dead because they have so little impact to the playability? I am talking about hours 10-30 of the NG mains’ lifespan, and not wanting to compromise that.
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    String options for Clash 98

    I am using Clash 98 v1, 4.0 just shy of 50 years playing mix of singles and doubles. Moved from HG to HGS last year, and now on to Element (44 lbs) the last couple of months. Shoulder and wrist are acting annoyed. It is a combo of pain on certain reaction volleys and then just generalized low...
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    Gut Check: VS Touch vs. Luxilon

    I do like a good pun.
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    For me the watch is helpful to get the recording going. I know it does more, like help with score keeping, etc, but that is the main value to me.
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    Argument with doubles partner about position and line calls

    Yes, but looking at a ball below you is not the same thing. The ball is a sphere, not a square block, therefore looking down on it the actual contact with the ground is truly masked from view. In any case, as far as long calls are concerned, I have always felt confident in my ability as the “up”...
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    Argument with doubles partner about position and line calls

    My doubles partners also seem to expect me to call the back line when I am “back” or the returner, and I often struggle with that. I just don’t feel very accurate with calling balls at my feet, so I almost always call it in. When I ask them after the point they shrug and act like it is my job...
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    If a tennis player can use only one machine to work out the legs for the rest of his life...

    Am with those who say body weight squats and lunges, maybe throw in some jump roping. No machine!
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    New to tennis, consistent wrist pain that stops me playing!

    I recently had a bit of ulnar (that’s what they call pinky side) wrist soreness. I think it was originally from playing a bit long with some dead poly strings. It got better when I started wearing a wrist widget brace, which is specifically for this type of wrist injury. I recovered and now...
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    What did you last eat?

    Just finished off the last of a big batch of beef buorgignon I had made for a dinner party Saturday. Perfect winter comfort food that gets better every day. Served over egg noodles with rustic Italian bread. In my variant I blanched the bacon before frying so the smokiness would not overpower...
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    Best way to wash your car?

    I used to be OCD about this and finally just gave up. Became easier when I moved from BMW sedans to an SUV.…made it easier to rationalize it as “merely transportation” rather than an extension of myself whose image I needed to maintain.
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    How do we stop the enemy from yanking us left and right?

    Agree with comment about hitting deeper. Don’t really agree with comments about going for bigger shots….if you are having trouble keeping it deep, you lack the control to make these bigger shots. You’ll just lose faster. Staying with a cross court pattern will also have you running around...
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Interesting, thanks! I always export at 16:9 for YouTube so not ideal. Also, noticed only an option when “sharing” via download…not the expedient “share a link“ thing.
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Also, can’t get either of the court overlays (shot or hitting position) to appear in playback. Gonna assume this is just a bug you’re working on fixing in current version…
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Anyone use the new “panning“ feature? Curious how you activate it…is it only there in certain modes? Activated during setup or later?
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    FIFA World Cup 2022

    Messi fan but Argentina thoroughly unlikeable.