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    1. Soundbyte
      Hey, I see your use the Dunlop MW200G 95 as your main racket. I have one in 4 3/8 in almost brand new condition that I'm looking to get rid of. You have any interest in picking up a third one? I saw in your recent post that it's your current racket. Let me know. Apologize if contacting you like this was too forward.
    2. rios76
      Hello Muppet, have you received my message?
    3. rios76
      Hello Muppet, excuse me for the disturb and for my bad english, i see tha you are a great expert about Dunlop 200 frames, so i'd like to talk with you about my impressions. I have a M-fil 200 and a Muscle Weave, and i think that M-fil has a better touch and feel at the impact, but Muscle Weave has more power and a lot of more playability. Moreover the M-fil is very more string sensitive, whereas the Muscle Weave play well with almost any type of string.
      I'd like to know if you can confirm my impressions, and if you think that there are big differences between the two rackets.
      Thanks and best regards!
      1. Muppet
        IMO, what gives the MW it's great personality is the graphite braid and the elastomer yoke. The feel from the strings is carried through these mediums, without muting it out. The higher weight of the MW in comparison to the M-fil, gives it more power. But I think the M-fil is marginally more precise. And you're right about string selection. I've tried everything but kevlar in the MW and everything works.
        Jul 9, 2015
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    MuscleWeave 200G 95" 18x20, 345g, 7.5 HL, Cyber Flash 1.25/Gutex Ultra 1.30 @47/52
    Biomimetic 200 95" 18x20, 344g, 8 HL, Black Force 1.14/Gutex Ultra 1.30 @51/55
    My life is not "all that and a bag of chips." It's a bag of chips, which is pretty good.