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    Zverev and 0-11: The Next Frontier

    Really? It was pretty big news at the time, and Sascha's brother Mischa knocking out then world number 1 Murray.
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    Nick Kyrgios blames ‘sexual frustration’ for tennis struggles

    Kyrgios is 26 now. He acts more like he's 16.
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    Should Rafa retire after winning 2014 AO?

    In 2010, they'd have been saying Djokovic would be lucking to get to 2, let alone 10.
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    Do you think Wimbledon 2022 will be the worst slam again?

    It really won't. He knows what he has to do to play it.
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    The eye test: who impressed you the most among those you watched?

    Early 1996 was vintage Seles mental strength, beating Davenport from CPs down in Sydney, and the famous semi final at the Australian Open against Rubin from behind in the third set. Seles didn't lose her old, pre-stabbing, aura until June-September 1996, when she lost twice to Novotna (French...
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    How many Slams should Agassi have won if he kept it together?

    Perhaps by the late 1990s, but he'd have carried on 1995 style for another few years IMO if he had won the 1995 US Open final. Of course, there's no guarantee that his 1998-2006 would have been as good had that 1997 slump not happened and caused him to seriously dedicate. For most of 1995...
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    Is AZverev the best player in Open era without a Slam title?

    Miloslav Mecir, by some distance. And when Mecir won 1987 Miami, it was best of 5 sets in every round and a 128 man draw.
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    Day 16

    Again, what proof would satisfy you? Hasn't she been seen in public? It's the end of the tennis season.
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    Have you ever wondered about what if Fed won Wimby 19? O_o

    And things look a lot more bleak for Federer now than in 2019. He was having a last hurrah of amazing form during the French Open and Wimbledon in 2019.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    The most likely scenario is that Peng Shuai was arrested for breaking Chinese law and is currently in prison or a safehouse. Other scenarios are possible.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    Seles pulled out of 1991 Wimbledon with a phone call, and then nothing was heard from her for about 4 weeks. Anything could have happened to her, yet most of the resentment seemed to be directed at Monica. One could even say the hostility she faced in the British press at 1992 Wimbledon over...
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    2022 TTW Census

    Nadal of course. Vamos!
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    Monica Seles (then world number 1) went missing for weeks in 1991, including during the whole of Wimbledon. Oddly, most of the hostility then was directed at Monica herself.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    Why do they care? They have loads of money.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    You realize the main source is Adrian Zenz, a man who believes he's on a mission from God to destroy the Communist Party of China?