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    I thought Hewitt would dominate tennis after the 2002 Wimbledon

    When I first saw Hewitt, I said he'd win 10 majors. At 16-17 years old, he was already mentally ready. Even when Hewitt won Wimbledon in 2002, I thought it was the first of about 4 Wimbledon titles for him. As regards to the conversation above regarding Hewitt vs. Federer in 2002-2004, it should...
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    15 years old

    Graf and Seles were dominant champions as teenagers. Seles won her 8th major when she was 19.
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    15 years old

    In the case of Seles, it was actually her dragging her dad out onto the practice court. Very different to Graf and Capriati in particular. Sanchez Vicario's brothers were tennis players, so she joined them.
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    15 years old

    Go back 30 years ago and it was no big deal in women's tennis to have a world class 15-year old. Jennifer Capriati debuted in 1990 Miami on the main tour and was 13, reaching the semi finals. Over the next few years, she was a consistent semi and quarter finalists in majors, and won Olympic...
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    Thiem parts with Muster

    Muster is somebody who is into something fully, or not at all. I thought it was odd when I heard that Muster was to work alongside Massu with Massu staying as head coach of Thiem. It didn't sound like it would last. Muster is a dominating presence when he's into something, like it's war. So, my...
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    Becker vs Muster, what happened?

    Muster and Skoff were also Davis Cup teammates for years, annoying Pat Cash in particular in 1989, with Cash having beef with Muster, Skoff and Antonitsch. Lendl also had big beef with Skoff, and Cash with Lendl. In 1992 and 1993, Muster didn't play Davis Cup, because of Muster and his coach...
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    Becker vs Muster, what happened?

    Muster and Agassi were friends at Bollettieri's in the 1980s, and stayed on friendly terms until 1994. Muster blamed Agassi's new coach, Brad Gilbert. Gilbert had an intense rivalry with Muster in 1993 in particular. Bollettieri actually attacked Agassi and Gilbert for their bad blood with...
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    anyone know really coria lost confidence before heading into 05 rg ?

    He didn't. At the 2005 French Open, Coria had an upset loss to Davydenko on the day of his Round of 16 match. Coria had been favourite to reach the final from the bottom half of the draw, with Federer and Nadal both in the top half.
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    Rate the 2019 Slams

    French Open.
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    Medvedev - "I like best-of-three more. I just don't like best-of-five, it's so long, it's so physically demanding."

    Jimmy Connors, aged 66, would show more fight in best of 5 sets at the US Open than this.
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    Tennis is literally dying. Average age of TV viewers of ATP matches was 61 years

    The tennis tour had more variety decades ago. Becker vs. Sampras in the 1996 YEC final in Hanover felt as big as a major final. Post-US Open today is generally not very interesting.
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    Nadal v Fogini gets almost physical

    Flavia Pennetta has often had to act as a peacemaker for her husband Fabio Fognini and her childhood friend Rafael Nadal.
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    Which tournaments were considered "Big" prior to 90's?

    Miami in the late 1980s had a 128 man draw and best of 5 sets every round.
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    Lendl Leaves Zverev

    Hardly surprising after Zverev's recent public rant.
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    If offered, do you think Nadal would agree to trade a couple of his RG titles for a couple more HC/Grass titles?

    No. Rafa wouldn't trade away any of his French Open titles. Winning 12 French Opens is his greatest legacy to date.