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    Difference between 16g and 18g

    For players looking durability in between 16 and 18g, you could hybrid 16g mains with 16g crosses.
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    Closest string to Luxilon M2 Pro?

    Get M2 plus (130) and adjust the tension
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    Element Rough 16L vs 16 - and is there no 17?

    It has been a while since I've played with both, but as I recall, the Rough 1.30 is a little bit softer, snapback the same I guess.
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    Element Rough 16L vs 16 - and is there no 17?

    Yes, I live in Luxilon Country (Belgium) and I checked with them. I carry their full string catalogue and never had element rough 1.25.
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    Element Rough 16L vs 16 - and is there no 17?

    Element Rough is only made in 130 for durability reasons!
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    BurnLSv4, Blade100Lv7, or Ezone100L -- If you were buying a racquet for a 14 year old beginner who wanted to REALLY learn?

    Everything except the burn, but I would go with a 270 gram frame, not 280 or 285
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    String Patterns vs String Gauge

    The blade 18x20 had a higher stock SW than the 16x19 version (don't ask me why)..
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    Leather grip alternatives?

    That is what P1 did for Soderling and others..
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    Why are reviews on 4g so varied?

    Because alot of those reviewers are: - having it strung way to high in tension - are crappy stringers doing the above
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    Racquets & Strings While Traveling

    Why you should keep them on you: w0rld change 0 with o
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    Full Alu Power?

    Every poly higher than 24kg is useless anyway. They perform better at 22/21 kg.
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    Strings for Heavy Spin Baseliner, was on RPM Rough but tension loss

    If you break a string in 10-15 hours, you are not a heavy spin baseliner.. You could try Solinco Tourbite 130 or even 135. But after 8 hours you should cut out your poly strings anyaway.
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    Alu power Rolland Garros

    I would say the 125 silver (no dye) lasts a little longer, but if he breaks too fast, go alu RG or alu 130 silver
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    Alu power Rolland Garros

    It has more durability than alu silver 125 and less than alu silver 130