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    Why go airborne in the split step?

    From a physics perspective it's going to be easier to start moving once you're already moving. So going airborne seems better. Also, if basically every pro player, college players, good junior player you watch goes airborne then this is probably the right way to do it. Can you get away with not...
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    Doubles tactics: what's right for the middle-aged weekend player?

    Ahh well if you practice them a lot then I don't really have any particularly good advice. You could of course try to simulate the backwards movement for those practice feed but that's more difficult to do. Do you prefer to hit harder volleys or harder overheads? If volleys, then you could try...
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    Should the split step in the service return be done consciously or unconsciously?

    Why try to find a short cut from what the pros do? As long as it isn't causing you physical pain then shoot for the real split step and yeah you may not get it every time but I guarantee you attempting to split every time will be more effective than not trying to.
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    Doubles tactics: what's right for the middle-aged weekend player?

    Good point made above about not trying to hit an outright winner. I'd also like to add, how often do you practice your overheads? Why don't you ask your practice partner to hit you 20 every time you go out to hit, that doesn't take that long and your overhead will improve quickly. Then you can...
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    Should the split step in the service return be done consciously or unconsciously?

    I like to think of myself as a pretty solid returner and I consciously think about my split step.
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    Feedback on serve and volley

    The biggest thing I noticed is that you're running through pretty much all of your first volleys. You need to take a second to split step as they hit the ball so that you're prepared to change directions if necessary. Notice how even though I'm trying to get close here I make sure to split step...
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    List of Murray Accomplishments that Fed can’t touch

    Getting a hip replacement before age 35.
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    Highest ranked player you ever faced?

    I've played this guy once in singles: 2018: 0-6 2-6 I've played this guy in doubles twice: 2018: 3-6 2-6 2017: 3-6 3-6
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    Interesting training gadget

    I mean, I suppose you're hitting tennis balls but the way the ball comes back is going to be so wildly different it may destroy some timing.
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    Why do you think shot tolerance is so much lower when playing points and matches?

    I think probably the biggest thing is your third reason. You know in practice exactly where the next ball is supposed to go, whereas in a match you have no idea. You have to recognize where it is going which means you get there a little later.
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    Worst day since awhile

    I haven't read most of the rest of the thread so apologies if something like this was already said. A few years ago I was talking to one of my friends on the club team I was on. He won the Mexico 16 and under tournament back in the day but had some pretty bad injuries which forced him away from...
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    Critique My Serve: New Vid

    You're bending your knees too much.
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    Doubles strategies

    I'm not a big fan of playing mixed doubles because what tends to happen is that your woman gets lobbed a lot when you try to go to the net and then suddenly you're in a lot of trouble. So try to do this to the guy, since it sounds like he enjoys coming to the net. Every time he comes to net lob...
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    Doubles strategies

    Well to be fair it depends on the goal of his partner. If she's super interested in winning and it's the best strategy then it might not be that big a deal to her. I know personally if I was playing men's doubles and my partner was a lot better than me I'd care a lot more about winning than...
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    Two Handed Serve

    Not to mention aesthetically pleasing.