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    I hate weaving...

    I actually enjoy stringing my racquets... mounting the racquet, doing the mains, tying knots all are fun for me. But the weaving... such a mundane, tedious process, I hate doing it!!
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    Anybody here skateboard?

    Have been for 35 years. Lots of vert and pool skating...
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    Tennis World Tour or AO Tennis?

    Ok thanks. I thought I saw a review where they said on one you had to wait while the player walked back and set up for the serve which took a while and the other one you could fast forward that part. But I could be mistaken. The one where you have to wait though is a deal breaker for me!
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    Tennis World Tour or AO Tennis?

    Hey, which game is the one where your can't fast forward to the serve and have to wait through all the walking back to set up for the serve etc?
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    gamma II drop weight test and adjusment

    How can the drop weight be 'off'? There is nothing to move or get changed. Could just be technique or the nature of the machine. Just string a raquet, test the tension and compensate from there...
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    Good place to go to for winter play...

    Awesome, I like the sound of that!!
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    How to keep tension on last main strings

    I like Irvin's way better of putting the clamp right in the middle. Then you are pulling tension on the first 1.5 main and not 1.75 (then the other center main would be tension on 1.25). With the clamp right in the middle you are pulling tension on 1.5 for each and thus they are equal. Also in...
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    How to keep tension on last main strings

    I thought on the USTA site they specifically say that the tension loss on the outer main/s is normal and should not be compensated for.
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    Tied off mains on wrong hole...?

    Hey thanks man! I thought it would be ok, but just wanted to make sure! Good point. So actually the two main holes above where I tied off are marked 'tie off'. So one is for tying off the mains and one is for starting the crosses. However, it doesn't indicate which hole is for which, only says...
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    Tied off mains on wrong hole...?

    I tied off my mains on the wrong hole, it should been tied off up one hole toward the top of the racquet. I think this will be ok like this, but wanted some reassurance. It was a bit on the dark side, and the type was so small I thought I was on the right hole. Obviously it's a one time thing...
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    Good place to go to for winter play...

    Where is a good place to travel to for the winter to play tennis in the US? Not just what state but more specific areas. Somewhere where there are lots of players and courts, and good weather...
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    Trying to save money by stringing

    Ive been using the gamma x-2 for a full season, probably strung my racquet 30-40 times... so yeah i've saved some cash...
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    Drop Weight Accuracy?

    Irvin posted a vid for me for starting mains with a drop weight, I have used and perfected that method and it works fine. You pull tension on 1 and 1/2 mains to start, then contunie on the same side for just one more just so the clamps have space when they are on the same side.
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    Polyester vs Synthetic Gut

    Poly has more power and spin, but can be harder on the arm.