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    Federer fans : what would have delighted you the most ?

    Before the season, I would’ve preferred Federer to win another French Open because it is so unlikely to happen. After the French and Wimbledon are over, I 100 percent would’ve taken the Wimbledon win over even beating Nadal in a French final. Now, however, I would take one last US Open title...
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    Crazy Tie Off Positions

    . I’m not the most experienced stringer , but strung this racquet yesterday and actually had a few expletives slip out when I got to the final tie-off on the crosses. The cross tie-off is at 11 Throat. There was barely enough room to pass the string through and loop it around for the tie-off...
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    Prince Bandit 105 stringing pattern?

    I just got the racket in hand and it is strung exactly according to the pattern you suggested. It is 16 x 19 is the only difference. Two piece. Any suggestions on length of string to use on mains v. crosses? I never trust my judgment without stringing instructions.
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    Prince Bandit 105 stringing pattern?

    Asked to string a Prince Bandit 105 but cannot find stringing instructions online. I don't have racket in hand yet so it may have instructions on the racket. Online I can only find instructions for Bandit 95 or 110. Thanks in advance.
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    New Miami Open Venue vs Old

    What did they do with the old tournament site? That old center court stadium was always an iconic reminder of early season tennis on pro tour.
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    Sandgren has some game

    I’ve followed his career since watching him and his brother play collegiate tennis at nearby U of Tennessee. They had an exceptional team a couple of those years that ran into juggernaughts of USC and UVA and never captured a title. Tennys is a different type of dude with a grinder type of...
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    Laver Cup Court Colors

    Have watched now both years of the Laver Cup and thought the court made for an interesting viewing experience. Wife just came into the room, stared at the tv and asked “What in the world is going on in this tennis tournament.” I asked what she meant and she said the court makes it look like...
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    Serena Williams

    Don’t recall all the details but I still remember Martina Hingis getting booed unmercifully off the court at the French Open one year versus Steffi Graf. She was really young and was maybe hitting some crazy shots to throw Graf off. Crowd didn’t like it and started booing her. Hingis started...
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    American Twist serve

    Thanks everyone for all the tips and replies. I’ve enjoyed each. And, I am going to do what I should have done decades ago: I’m going to track down my high school coach and get the skinny from him if possible. No idea why I didn’t try to learn this serve from him. I swear I wish I could go...
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    American Twist serve

    As a righty, what should I be doing with my right arm through the swing to get a Twist? As you brush the ball, do you sort of swing parallel to the side of your body — meaning swing along the baseline? Or do you brush the ball as you swing your arm forward toward the net/service box?
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    American Twist serve

    Ha ha. Old man words. This is sort of what I was afraid of —that I was really outdated in my terminology even though I’m in my forties. But, for real, there is a difference between a kick and a twist serve. Craziest thing when it bounces sideways away from you.
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    American Twist serve

    Coach isn’t dead, just no longer around the area. Terrific guy by the way who loved to beat me unmercifully with the Twist serve back in the early 90s. There was also a lefty college player who hit the American Twist the opposite direction. He was before my time but I got to play points...
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    American Twist serve

    This video refers to this serve as a kick serve. Whatever it is called, the American Twist jumps away from returner like this serve does.
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    American Twist serve

    I can kick serve all day long. No matter what you call it, there is a difference between a kick serve and an American Twist serve. The AT is probably just an advanced variant of the kick serve. The best way to describe it is the ball seems to loop up over the net and dives down into service...
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    American Twist serve

    Have played tennis going on on 3 decades but have never been able to hit the American Twist serve. Can someone list 3 or 4 pointers that one should focus on when trying to hit the American Twist? Things such as grip, stance, toss, swing, contact point, etc. I am not too far off from being...