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    The real reason why Medvedev won, and why Djoko looked like that

    There might be yet another reason why Med prevailed. Maybe they improved the drug testing process and finally caught Numero Uno out? Then the powers that be were not willing to shine the light on the transgression (because something like this coming out not only blights the offender - the entire...
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    Who is more talented: Murray or Safin?

    Ah, but would he beat Johansson after 'partying' the night before with three attractive Murrayonettes?
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    if not for Stan, the big 3 would have...

    Eh, Safin's USO came in 2000? It's the AO he got in that 2004-2021 time span.
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    Tennis is in trouble

    This has already been done (only not in the US - in Germany, and not another Federer - a better Federer). The result was Alex Zverev, "a freak of nature".
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    Tsitsipas to expose Djokodal False Dawn

    "I like me better nakkid..."
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    Terrified umpire calls for help after ‘uncomfortable’ moment with Camila Giorgi’s dad

    "massive back of her chin... face rectangular..." You sure you are not confusing your babes? Sounds like you are talking about Bouchard...
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    320 weeks at #1

    That tennis ball at the end of the OP vid - looks like it says "US Open" on it? Is the video trying to tell us something, e.g. "memento the linesperson"?
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    Nadal voted 2021 Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year

    Wait, there's a Nobel prize for mathematics? Do you mean the Fields Medal?
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    Which player would win a woody tournament?

    Yeah I was gonna say Stepanek, too, when I saw the thread title. Then I started reading the thread... "Oh, you mean wooden rackets" :)
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    Who is the real Alpha Male in the Tennis world ? ( not afraid of anyone .... )

    "Roots" as in the down-under meaning of the word? Noice.