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    RadicalP great seller

    RadicalP delivered the goods, great communication, timely shipment, thanks
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    great trade experience w gburgh

    very smooth deal good communication fast shipping - thanks gburgh
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    Prince Tour 95 and Tour 100 availability

    what is launch date or pre-sale date?
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    2018 Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC Rackets

    I find the new TF XTC 305 and XTC 315 to be much improved. These are the only 2 that I have personally hit with. More stable, better power overall, improved feel. My son plays with XTC 320 and reports the same.
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    Why do Tec racquets FEEL like crap?

    Feel is subjective, but I love the feel of TF sticks. I particularly love the feel of the new XTC 305. Its a monumental improvement over the previous DC and Dynacore models which I thought felt good, but were underweight and hit a thin ball. Even with lead I could not get to a happy place with...
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    Alabama men's tennis

    He’s proven he’s the man to take them forward. SEC is tough he’s done a good job recently. I admit he took a while to do it but people here don’t know all the details.
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    The rise and fall of racquet companies.

    Antelope RT Sports Zebra (Zebest)
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    o0lunatik is great

    Don't let the Saints fleur-de-lis fool you...he's great thanks for the smooth deal
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    Best serve in college tennis (current only)

    Frederico Gomez of Louisville has an enormous serve
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    I've hit with the Tour on 2 occasions now and find it to be a really great racquet. Strung with Head Hawk Touch originally at 52.5lbs (too tight) but the tension had surely dropped by the time I hit it. I did not find it to be uncomfortable despite being strung more tightly than I wanted, and...
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    The 2018 Jolly video review thread.

    Prince Phantom Pro 100P
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    looking forward to the feedback this stick looks very nice
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    Radical Touch MP and Pro reviews.

    Agree Don and addition to the rads now folks who haven’t hit a ball w the Prestige Touch iterations are critics...just hit with them first. I think these could be very good. The 305g prestige version looks great, even if you modify to taste. IMO always.
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    Every ex-D1 player I've met wants nothing to do with tennis....

    Here are the NCAA specs for HS athletes that go on to play in college For men 5.1% of HS tennis participants play NCAA tennis, only 1.7% play D1. Women about the same....4.9% of all HS participants...