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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Don’t you dare - I have a daughter (two, actually)!!! Reported. @Sudacafan reported too.
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Defamation! I’m calling my lawyer. Get ready!
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    Fognini will be 32 in one month

    Fognini is EVENT - he happens!
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    Fed fans: how important to you would a RG win for Fed be?

    Not hapening so I don’t care. Rog will be there only to make more glamorous the opening of the new stadium. Crowd magnet he is.
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Santoro-like???? Wow, Srshs is channelling Santoro-the-Magician!
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    2019 Monte-Carlo Final

    Beauty prevailed!!!! :love::love::love:
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Srshs is obviously a lefty playing right-hand - a real mirror of Rafi! Wow.
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    Meanwhile : * Rafi got his аss handed to him (by Fabio - so sexi!!!); * JD outtrolled the top 5 ‘worst TTW’s Trolls’ (incl yours trully) and got a whole thread deleted! What a time to be alive!
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    Monte Carlo Semis: Rafa vs. Fabio

    ROFL We need a special thread for you, Master @Colin - with a title stg like ‘... and Then Colin Said :’
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    Veni Vidi Fognini: Following Fantastic Fabio

    Saving tennis!!! OH, HAPPY DAY!!! :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
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    A Nadal Confession

    Maybe Vive is with me in the category of ‘Worst trolls’.... Thinking about it, ‘worst troll’ is kinda compliment, no!? - stg like Über-Troll! :cool:
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    A Nadal Confession

    Do you have a sick-bucket at the ready, just in case? ;)
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    A Nadal Confession

    Coz I answered the question op asked?!?!?!? lol
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    A Nadal Confession

    He is ugly. I don’t watch ugly.
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    Nadal is not a tennis player

    Asperger syndrome, methinks.