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    Ezone 100: is it actually arm friendly?

    I demo'd the 2020 Ezone 100 vs the 2019 Bab PA. Despite the higher stiffness and higher vibration, the Ezone indeed felt more comfortable. Ezone was strung with PTP, Bab I believe Blast Rough. Bab had a lot more control.
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    Is Yonex Poly Tour Pro far more popular than PT Air, Fire, Spin, Strike?

    PT Spin - very underrated string, good control, spin, and tension maintenance, more comfortable than peers like Hyper G PTP - extremely soft and comfortable, but I thought tension maintenance went out the window after two sessions, no control after that PT Strike - great tension maintenance...
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    VCore Pro 100

    I picked up the navy blue VCP 100 recently. Weighted it up to 12oz with overgrip. Strung with Yonex Poly Tour Strike. Nice control oriented 100 sq in stick. Fun to hit either flat or spinny groundies. A little unstable on volleys. Good blend of accuracy, power, and spin on serves. Coming over...
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019, no arm pain?

    I demoed the 2019 Pure Aero against the 2020 Ezone 100. The Ezone felt a little softer overall. Vibration on the PA was minimal, but it did feel like a more raw frame.
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    Hyper G Soreness Advice

    Really liked the way Hyper G played but it made me a little sore as well. Yonex Poly Tour Spin (the blue one) plays similar but didn't make me sore.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    My Xi98 flex like crazy on serves and overheads. I think TW has shown them at 64-66 stiffness but to me they feel like 61-62.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Tell me more! I thought the Aero 2019 was supposed to be easier on arm? Between new Ezone 100 and Aero 2019, which one is more flexy? More dampened? I had to switch from a 2013 APD to the Xi98 due to shoulder pain. Thinking about giving the Ezone 100 or VCP 100 a whirl.
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    vibration specs for new Ezone line?

    Thanks! It still doesn't look like they are up.
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    I agree the first 2 hours with new poly is pretty magical. But I don’t want to be hunched over a stringer all the time, so I restring after 10-12 hours. Anything after 12 hours is super harsh.
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    vibration specs for new Ezone line?

    Hi TW, are you going to post the vibration spects for the new Yonex Ezone line soon? I'm not seeing it yet. thanks!
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    Yonex EZONE (2020)

    So what do we think? Initial review is pretty positive. Lots of references to the DR. Will be interesting to see what kind of vibration score it gets given the slightly stiffer rating. I'm going to give em a whirl--my Xi 98's are getting a little banged up. Has anyone hit with them yet?
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    Head Gravity

    How does the head shape on the Gravity compare to the head shape on the older school (rounder) Extremes? Pretty much the same?
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    I have a new found respect for pure drive users

    I know someone who plays with an extended PD at 68# full poly
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    Why do so many pros use 16 gauge strings?

    I think the Babolat rep on here said Nadal breaks 15g in 15-30 min in practice
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    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Ahh man, I think NB changed their policy. They used to provide a full replacement shoe regardless of how much you paid for the original. Now I'm seeing this: We will issue you a voucher equal to the price you paid that can be used for a future purchase on