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    tight hips/groin after 15 min on the court

    I'm 39. I think it's the running that is not agreeing with me at the moment. I've slacked back any pre-match running or jumping and it seems to be better. Thanks for all the responses!
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    Ezone Xi 98 vs Ezone 98?

    Yeah, I agree more with @flyhigher0. I’ve played with the Xi 98 for maybe 4-5 years now. It is a quite flexy, control-oriented, non-polarized stick. I believe the original TW review listed it as a 64 flex, and TWU now shows it at 66, but it honestly feels more like a 60. Very plush. It's fun to...
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    If Babolat made a high 50s RA version of the Pure Aero mold...

    I would buy a 62ra PA on the spot
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    tight hips/groin after 15 min on the court

    Lately I walk onto the court feeling great, and after about 15 min my hips and especially groins get tighter than a drum. Does this happen to anyone else? Then I usually spend every changover trying to stretch things out, to no avail. Groins will be so tight it really affects my mobility--even...
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    Poly Tour Spin G vs Hyper G

    I've played with Hyper G and Poly Tour Spin (the blue one not G). Overall they were very similar. Hyper G had marginally more control, more spin, but was pretty tough on the arm. Both were excellent on tension maintenance. Ultimately I preferred Poly Tour Spin. More comfortable, still great...
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    Making an Ezone 98 even more arm friendly

    A little bit of lead at 12 will reduce vibration
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    Hidden Gem: Head Liquidmetal Instinct MP

    I have LM and MG Instincts. On paper, the specs are about as close to perfect as I can imagine. I really like the 18x19 string pattern on the slightly bigger headsize--great blend of control and spin. But for some reason, both of these racquets just burned my arm. I was using soft poly, at one...
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    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Good stuff, @Snaab. Did you play with the previous version -- any differences? How is it on volleys? Can you compare it to any other racquets? What racquet would you say it's most similar to?
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    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Has anyone hit with the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? Specs look very similar to the previous model, but the vibration rating has come down to 144 (from 150), which is pretty low for a 100 sq in racquet. Seems like a potential arm-friendly 100 sq in option, which are few and far between. TW...
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    poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)?

    Hello, are you going to offer a poly demo for the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? I would really like to try it out! thanks!
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    Advice on an Older Head Youtek Instinct MP vs LM Instinct

    Wow, I thought I was the only one! I tried out a LM Instinct, totally fried my shoulder. Was really confused because the stiffness is supposed to be like 63-64, which is less than my current racquet (had exact same strings in both). It does have a higher SW than I'm used to. So I got a used MG...
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    Round poly with long playability duration

    Yonex Poly Tour Strike scores really well on the TWU tension maintenance scores. Nice and soft too.
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    Does Tecnifibre Multifeel feel like a multi or a solid-core syn gut?

    Feels more like a nice syngut than a true multi to me. NRG2 was way softer than MF.
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    Just got my new Blades!!

    Wouldn't this be like 58ra strung?