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    Shall I....?

    definantly do it
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    Anyone ever try Prince Grip Plus (lotion/spray)

    its not tacky. its almost like using a rosin bag, but it stays on your hand better
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    Favorite Shoe And Shoe Brand

    adidas barricades are incredible
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    What is the correct pronunciation of ADIDAS?

    or sports, even sharapova
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    Favorite Racquet Brand

    Wilson, definantly
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    question about socks...1 pair or 2

    1 pair thin
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    what do you drive?

    '02 Jeep Liberty
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    What racquet do you use?

    babolat and wilson
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    Lacoste Hat... Real or Fake??

    i have a real lacoste hat and it has the aligator on the right side of the hat
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    How come nobody here mention WTA tour?

    its different strokes for different folks. Every one has their own opinion and are entitled to it. Just because some people would like to see WTA post doesn't mean others have to bash it.
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    What color is your apparel ?

    black and red are my colors of choice
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    POG Spin King

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    Carrying Racquets on a Plane

    I flew to San Francisco over spring break, and they allowed me to carry on my rackets, so i dont see why you couldnt.
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    Another twist on changing racquets often

    you should try a more durable string
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    How much for Demo-ed Turbo Shark?

    Prince Shark DB Racquet demo was 85 at a Local shop