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    Tips for captains

    I will usually send out the proposed lines in advance of the match, but won’t set the order until just before exchanging lineups and after seeing who is playing for the opposing team.
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    Tips for captains

    lol. There was also a videotape that was sent as well that was just as hilarious with the captain looking at the camera, saying “Hello, Dragons”, and then giving his motivational speech
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    Tips for captains

    This thread reminds me of an email from another captain that I received a number of years ago and saved since it was classic. Here was the captain's email to his team at the start of the season (names redacted to protect the innocent): Ok, here is the thing guys, we have a brilliant team this...
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    In praise of apologizing after hitting the net cord

    Does your opponent raise their hand or apologize for your net shots that clip the top of the net and fall back on your side? It’s part of the game, you win some and you lose some, and neither warrants an apology.
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    Combo league

    Combo doubles is a fun league in NC, starting in late summer after mixed is over with state championships at the beach (Wilmington) in early November. Good way to end the year, and then southern sectionals are in March the following year. Doesn’t matter for sectionals if you got bumped, you play...
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    Abierto Mexicano Telcel ATP 500 Acapulco, Mexico

    Will Nick show up to play? He has a good H2H record against Nadal.
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    2019 WTA week of 2/25; Acapulco & IW Challenger

    Why did Anisimova have to retire in her first round match while up 4-3?
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    Djokovic sets his sights on surpassing Federer’s slam record

    Hopefully not, but I believe the more likely finish is: Novak 21 Roger 20 Rafa 18 Fed needs to mentor one of the young guns to step up their game so they can stop Djoker from overtaking him. Fed and Nadal can’t do it...
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    Mixed doubles: "but what do the guys get out of it?"

    In NC, mixed is played right before combo doubles so I look at it as practice for combo league since a 4.0 woman is comparable to a 3.5 man, although a good 3.5 guy is generally a little better than most 4.0 ladies.
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    Among the Next-Gen players...

    Tsitsipas is another young player with a lot of potential.
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    Post USO Blues

    Fed and Djoker are both on Team Europe so they will not play each other...
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    Post USO Blues

    Looking forward to Laver Cup for some entertaining tennis!
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    Federer will retire in 2020

    If that is true, I think he retires at end of 2020. If not, I think he retires after Geneva Laver Cup next year. He is unfortunately done winning Grand Slams. That is obvious after his Wimbledon loss to Anderson and his loss to Millman last night.
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    Nishikori to win US?

    No chance
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    Can we finally get a new GS winner

    Dimitrov will be lucky to get past the first round. Unlucky draw against Wawrinka in his first match.