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    Wilson K-Factor Team L3

    crimsonblade, would you please send me some pictures? what size is the grip and how much shipped?
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    Wilson K-Factor Team L3

    Can you send me some pictures of the racket? Thank you, Phil
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    Wilson K-Factor Team L3

    Hi, I'm looking for a reasonably good condition k-factor team with grip size L3 (3/8ths). If you have one to sell please let me know. Thank you.
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    New string for babolat apc

    Tried multis, polys, monos, and gut in hybrid and straight but I'm now using what I started out with - straight gosen micro 17 strung at 62 lbs. This racket has almost too much power so maybe 16 would be better. Good luck.
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    More Arrogance from the Quitter Djokovic

    We've all made mistakes in our lives. I think that it was a mistake to retire from this match or other matches where it seemed like it was more emotional distress than anything else. However, since he's famous, he's under the microscope at all times. I'll bet most of us have had moments in...
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    Did Novak's mom really told Roger that his time is over?

    The guy quit playing after being outplayed by Fed in Monte Carlo. What was his excuse? A sore throat. Never mind his mom and her comments. Novak has some work to do.
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    Can anyone see the yellow ball on red clay on TV?

    Has anyone tried adjusting the color settings on the tv? I wonder if that'd help.
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    Replacment for Luxilon

    I suggest Signum Pro Poly-Plasma as well. Actually it seems to hold tension much better than Lux, for me at least. That's the best poly I've tried so far.
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    Wanted: Wilson K 95 (18x20) Team, L3

    Thank you for the offer but he really needs an L3. I appreciate it though.
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    Wanted: Wilson K 95 (18x20) Team, L3

    Hi, I'm looking for a Wilson K 95 Team (18x20), L3 in 7+/10 condition. I'd be willing to trade my K 90 L4 for one, provided it's in good condition. Thank you.
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    FS: Wilson K 90, L4

    N90 is sold but I still have a K90 US version that's about a 7/10 according to what I'm seeing on this site. I got it from TW last Spring. I'll looking to get $80 plus shipping. Will trade for a 8/10 or better K 95 Team, L3 for my son. Pics upon request. My zip is 12302 so that you can...
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    FS: 3 Wilson NPS 95 ncode and 1 K95 team all 4 3/8

    Still available? If so, would you please provide your e-mail address so that I can get pics or just post them here? Tx.
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    FS: K 90 and N 90

    Both rackets are US versions. K 90 was purchased from TW and the N 90 was purchased from a local shop. Pictures are on my computer at home so I'll send them out to you guys this evening. Thank you.
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    FS: K 90 and N 90

    K 90: 1) condition: 8/10 2) mains pro hurricane tour 17, crosses tonic+ @ 55 lbs 3) L4 or 4 1/2 4) $85 + shipping N 90: 1) condition: 9/10 2) mains luxilon power soft, crosses tonic+ @ 55 lbs 3) L3 or 4 3/8 4) $80 + shipping Together $150 plus shipping. I'm not interested in trades...
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    FS: Wilson K 90 and Wilson N 90

    Price's are now K90 - $85 and N90 - $80 or $150 as a set. Not too shabby, huh?