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    Choosing a tennis rebounder to buy or build

    Thanks a lot for gathering and sharing all this info in this thread! Superb!
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    does ANYBODY use the wilson ultra 100?

    A lot of professional players use Ultra, especially women. Not sure of course if they use the CV version to further protect their arms or not.
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    Mayami strings

    For Greece, it is worse than that, if I knew what I would pay, I could consider, but except the huge customs delay, nobody can tell you how much extra you have to pay, thus totally pointless. For example, for a reel of 100 euro value, it may be, +15 euro for the check procedure, +24 euro for...
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    Mayami strings

    Thanks for the head up what_army, i thought before that mayami .de was official distributor or direct EU-based sub-company. Shipping from Ukraine = extra customs charges, for Greece for sure and for most EU countries I suppose. And huge time delay in delivery, here in Greece there have been new...
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    proton tennis ball machine

    Proton doesn't come close to the performance of the Apollo spacecraft. :eek: (Thanks for the link which I shall check of course, but your reply about performance is totally irrelevant to what I asked about European distributor/representative and support here. And I asked for a time frame...
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    proton tennis ball machine

    Any plans or news when it will be available for sale in Europe? Slinger had done a lot of connections with representative companies and direct support to European countries and receives positive comments for that. When do you believe it will be similar with Proton?
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    Racquet Bumper Guard Tape

    Any tape out there WITHOUT logo?
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    2-piece stringing pattern for Ti.S6

    Haha, all correct, anyway, wrote it just for the next readers looking for that racket and happen to reach here.
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    2-piece stringing pattern for Ti.S6

    Skip M Holes 7,9T - 8B Tie Off M 8T Start C 7T Tie Off C 5T - 7B
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    Hurkacz Racquet

    Yonex VCORE Pro 97, reported from most sites as Hubert Hurkacz's racquet. He just won, before ~30 minutes, the 2021 Miami 1000 tournamet with this racket :)
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    Best hybrid with Lux Alu Power?

    Old thread found through google, but I am wondering, many years have passed since then, lot of new strings as well, isn't there any new recommendation in this matter?
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    Is ERT-300 or Mini-STT useful or a must for stringer?

    And a couple more similar apps too, although their reviews are not good as racket tune. Maybe they get better later.
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    Pro's pro v???

    Bought Tomcat too finally and just managed to use it today for my first ever stringing :-) Took me 5 hours, including watching videos on the way, there are certainly a "1000" small and/or important details to learn in the future, but I love the today's result, huge creative feeling holding your...
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    Pros Pro, Comet or Pioneer?

    Thank you for the feedback my friend, you also covered the next question :-)
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    What else to add to first (personal use) stringing machine?

    As I wrote earlier, I am looking to purchase Pros Pro Comet or Pioneer, probably the manual crank version, as it will be my first machine for personal use. What else should I better get together? Eg I read about other better clamps, which I suppose I will find out in the future. Which ones are...