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    how to stop playing too aggressively in matches

    I like to shorten my backswing but use a good follow-through when I am missing with too much aggression. You want controlled swings. Thinking of being not aggressive (not making mistakes) leads to passive play with bad form, like incomplete strokes .
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    Beginner Serve Help Day 16 - Loading on the Right Foot

    Stay sideways and keep your right foot back for now. Think of shifting weight forward from right foot to left foot during the swing (while not moving your feet). I agree with comments above that stepping forward with the right leg is causing you to open up and hit without any force.
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    Help on serve analysis

    Looks to me like an inconsistent toss (low and behind on slice). Your last serve looked like a pretty good flat serve. The difference in toss location is really small
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    Volley - Always sliced or natural motion?

    I would suggest that you start by holding the racquet so that the head is higher than and laid back behind your wrist. The racquet face is almost vertical for high balls, and open for low balls. Use forward volley motion (I think if it as a stabbing motion). The biggest problem I see in...
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    how do i get comfortable with volley grip

    Make sure you are using a proper technique. If you have a waiter's grip serve, going to a continental grip is not going to solve your problems. Likewise, if you volley with your hand held in front of your torso, like you are holding a stop sign, using a continental grip is not going to...
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    Feedback please on this 4.0 matchplay

    +1) I saw several errors related to you hitting while moving backwards through the FH stroke. Think of moving backwards, setting your feet before the ball bounces (even if that means you will be hitting a hard low shot), and then swing with your set feet to move into the ball. I also think...
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    big serve blocking return

    A blocked return is a like a volley but not. When I volley, I am leading with the handle and the racquet head trails so that face is open (volley is generally hitting a slower dropping ball, so the open face reflects path of the ball). A serve is typically travelling level or even going up...
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    Forehand help!

    You are only arming the ball (power comes from the muscles of your arm and your shoulders/feet never move). Without going into much technical details, arming the forehand leads to a lot of inconsistency because the hitting surface (the face of the racquet) is moving in circular path around your...
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    How to move from 4.0 to 4.5 ?

    Become a doubles specialist and play with a good 4.5 player in USTA, and you will be 4.5 ranked player in no time.
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    Never seen a coach feed serves like this.

    I have seen coaches in Spanish academies stand close and to the side of a player (so the coach does not get hit) and do soft hand feeds to build reaction timing. I have also seen similar drills used in baseball for batting drills.
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    How to get ball machine to resemble serve

    try lifting the machine slightly (like on a chair or bench) and set it up closer, around the opposing service line, to shoot downward. Set to randomly oscillate at a slower speed setting. Even at a slower incoming speed , the smaller distance will feel like a 200 MPH.
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    Help on forehand

    With your current swing path (finishing over the shoulder), you will generate moderate top spin. If you want more top spin, you should practice a more steep swing path that starts low on the back swing, extends vertically to be at shoulder/head level in front of your body after contact, and...
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    How can I hit a high % return of serve that's not a chip?

    I hit my return of fist serves serve kind of like a chip but with no slice. I prepare at height of serve ball with short/no back swing and follow through straight toward an intended target without any breaking of the wrist. As I get more comfortable during the match, I will follow through over...
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    Is a 2nd-handed backhand harder on the knees?

    A 2-handed BH should not be hard on your knees. It is hard to answer definitively without seeing your stroke, but I would guess that you are hitting off your heels so that your feet are locked to the ground and torqueing your knee when you are hitting the stroke. Try to keep light on your feet...
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    What are some tips for winning points when coming to net

    In singles, you will rarely volley down the middle. Essentially, I use two volley patterns - crosscourt away from the opponent or behind from the opponent who is running to to cover crosscourt . Unfortunately, most people only practice volleying back to a partner standing in the middle, so...