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    Would you say this year's US Open is "Federer's to lose?" Or "Nadal's to lose?"

    I think Rog has the slight advantage when it comes to winning this one. Not sure about the losing part.
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    What's wrong with Djokovic shoulder?

    He lent it to Roger after Wimby.
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    Serious question. What exactly makes the Top 5 different from Top 20 ?

    Black ops Top secret Government funded Weapons grade Genetically engineered
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    What would "prime" Federer have done to Goffin today?

    The original I assume? British?
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    Whats the point of Goffin

    There he is... :)
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    They really didn't show any of Monfils/Shapovalov during the whole Osaka match...

    How can that surprise you? That’s how they roll...
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    Welcome to NY gentlemen

    Easy now, let’s not tear each other apart just yet...
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    wtf is going on

    Standards are down all over. :)
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    Kobe Bryant’s tennis addiction

    He’s just using tennis to launch his book. :)
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    Federer will not win US Open 2019

    He’ll be lucky to win a set if he keeps this up...