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    Wimbledon cancelled

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    Federer tanked to Sandgren to avoid Djokovic

    Wow... They both looked ready for a nap.
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    Women's tennis finally watchable again

    That's a little excessive... (now this looks ridiculous cause they removed the previous comment that I was commenting on, glad for that though) :confused:
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    Fed at AO: Easiest Path to a Grand Slam Semi Ever?

    Well, you got a couple of honest answers anyway. ;)
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    AO court speed is absolutely ridiculous

    It was nice to see him make it through, wasn't sure how that one was gonna pan out...
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    AO court speed is absolutely ridiculous

    As opposed to those pesky half-breeds. ;)
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    Nick is terrible for tennis?

    So... What just happened there??
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    Tennis died 3 years ago - RIP in peace

    And yet here we are, posting away...
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    Fucsovics will defeat Federer

    If... We can hope!
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    Have you ever seen any tennis player like Milos Raonic who invokes so much mixed feelings?

    Milos, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, not a friend, I don't wanna know you or what you do...
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    Federer is Mythical :)

    This!! I'm on the east coast so I started watching the match in bed as I woke up; my blood pressure was already pre-hypertension stage 1 by 5:30am...