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  • Hi, I'm Sally Cook and I enjoyed your post on Maureen Connolly. I am writing a biography of her and wondered if we could talk about Maureen more, MarK? Please let me know. Thanks Sally
    Hi- I am George Lyttleton Rogers daughter, Liz Dominguez. Would love to get any info about my Dad. My mother, Betty Lou Schlesinger married George after he divorced June Sears Rogers. My Dad died when I was 3 in 1962 from poly cystic kidney disease. The address you have noted in Glendale was our house. My email is guslizd1@aol.com. You have so much more info than I do and would love to hear more. Thanks, Liz
    Hi Mark,
    I enjoyed your post on George E Lyttleton Rogers so much! you see my Nan, Julia Timpson from Athy, was his hired Nanny. I have just a few little stories passed down if you are interested. I can't find how to PM you.
    Hello Mark,
    Thanks for your very kind replay, I've seen that your last visit was weeks ago so you couldn't find earlier my message. It's not problem! And also no problem to post here my email: tamerzet@gmail.com.
    (P.s.: as you can notice, English is not my native - sorry for language mistakes or inexactness.)
    Hello, Henrik,

    Thanks for your reply, which I've only just discovered. I should be able to help you with some of the information you're looking for. Can you possibly send me an e-mail address at which I can contact you? You can send it via private message in the www.tennisforum.com website if you don't want to post it here.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Ryan
    Hello Mark,
    I’m doing a research on old days of tennis and one of the legends here on TT raised the idea to contact you. He said – what I had noticed myself as well – that you’d searched the earliest periods intensively and paid very close attention to biographical informations. This is important because I’m interested in 2 topics which perhaps are your „hunting grounds’, too:
    * What was the seed (or „foreign seed”) of US Championship women’s 2 finalists in 1926 (Molla Bjurstedt Mallory + Elizabeth Ryan) and runner-up in 1927 (Betty Nuthall)?
    * Have you information about exact birth and death date (with month and day) of some GS champions and other elite tournament winners from the early years if they lack satisfying data even from Wikipedia (or tennisarchives.com)? I've got cca. 10-12 „problematic” players.
    I know that the odds are very small to find these infos – but maybe you could help me. I would really appreciate your valuable assist.
    Thank you very much,
    tentam (=Henrik)
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