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    Do you guys think Djokovic can still be a contender for RG?

    Is he a contender for winning RG? Count on it! :D
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    Thanks for the compliment! Heartwarming to feel missed. Thanks! :D
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    Can Nadal win Wimbledon one more time?

    Never say never, there could always be some kind of a player's strike where the complete top 20 stay home except for Nadal. :D
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    Just feels right...

    He will attend the US Open 2018 as his last major, but he won't win it. :D
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    Just feels right...

    My best bet is that F's last major will be US Open 2018. :D
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    Does Djokovic Dominate Masters 1000s Once Again and Take 2018 US Open?

    Yikes, spoiler alert, please be kind people still have to see those matches played out! ;) :D
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    Nole's Win Sets Up Rankings Scenario

    No need for that Nadal surely will find a way to have this one slip away from him as well. :D
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    Embarrassed To Be American

    Getting rid of Barney style colored ball tennis for juniors might be the first step. :D
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    Shame? Shame? What shame? o_O Admittedly some occasional fine game of tennis was played during the master's temporary absence, and, I will admit, I could have given a few cheerios to some fine matches but it is only now that the sport is back with its deserved leader. By the way, while we...
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    For sure F will attend the AO 2019 final: What is still a question is who will be the other player that Nole is going to beat! :D
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    All those visiting the forum today after a long hiatus because Fed was making your life miserable !

    Perhaps they went into a retirement home without internet? :D
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    I think F is finished! The US Open may be his last major appearance! :D
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    Well obviously, when the master takes a break his pigeons can eat the crumbs! :D
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    Djokovic's Slam Count right before Wimbledon 2019

    What is Djocovic's slam count right before Wimbledon 2019? :D