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    Uncle Toni's speech on Nadal

    I think Toni had seen a great future for his nephew from the start and he pushed him to be the best. In this way Nadal is a victim of Toni’s ambition. Toni forced him to play left handed while he is right handed so Nadal might doesn’t think tennis is fun at all. I kind of feel for Nadal. If not...
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    Nedal has been an unconvincing number 1 player.

    Is Nedal our new hope from Next Next Generation? He must be good.
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    Djokovic is Emperor of Tennis

    Djokovic is emperor of the world but Kyrgios’s slave? It’s obvious Djokovic is no match to Kyrgios’s talent.
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    Is Marin Cilic a contender for YE#1?

    His rise is very steady. Runner up at two slams. And other top players injuerd left and right so his paths to final should be easier.
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    Is Marin Cilic a contender for YE#1?

    He is second in the race with 1165 points behind of Federer. He is very good on both grass and hard court and unlike Federer he will play entire season. So will he become a surprising contender or even finish the year as world number 1?
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    At which point did you feel Djokovic's massive decline was irreversible?

    I always think about Djokovic as Federer 0.8. A lesser version but not much. So I expect him to comeback at sometime and win slams again. But he needs to do things right. The most crucial thing is NOT his form. He is a great player so he can take back form anytime but thing is he lacks a...
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    How many slams for Nalbandian if he had the work ethic of Fed?

    Federer’s generation had full of talented players and Nalbandian was just one of them. Safin, Nalbandian, Federer himself, and I think that between Safin and Nalbandian, the Russian has higher peak.
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    sampras is still the greatest male grass player dispite federer breaking his 7 wimbledon titles

    If Fed wins one more Wimbledon there will still be some idiots who insist Sampras > Fed because 7-0> 9-3. Idiot # human being, they belong to something else.
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    Nadal injury is worse than first thought

    Yeah somehow he will be fine for all clay season. I am tired of hearing Nadal’s injuries. Very worrisome yet in the end it never effected his clay season. It’s all fake.
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    How many slams for Nalbandian if he had the work ethic of Fed?

    In my opinion I am well ahead of Nalbandian in term of talent so I just need to work hard to win 30 slams. But the problem is I dont want to do such thing.
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    Is it emotionally taxing to be a fan of a tennis player?

    I never thought about writing a book and after Fed lost to Djokovic at US Open 2015 I has published 3 books because I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s how a sport player changed your life.
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    Is it emotionally taxing to be a fan of a tennis player?

    Yes, of course it is. When your favorite player had a rare chance to do something big and he failed you feels exhausted because you know he will never have a second chance. You don’t have the same feeling in team sport. There is always a next chance because team sport lives eternity. Your...
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    "The Dream is to win Roland Garros AGAIN" -- Roger Federer

    If he really really wants to play, he should play only Madrid and French Open. Or Rome and French Open. I prefer the latter. That’s a good preparation and it’s short.
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    "The Dream is to win Roland Garros AGAIN" -- Roger Federer

    It’s obvious that Federer has thought about this clay season for quite sometime maybe even from last year so he will not go for it without proper preparation. But I think it’s a mistake if he tried hard for clay season. He is not the favorite. There are a lot of guys can beat him even in his...