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    Wimbledon Statistics for the 2019 Semifinals (no thanks to Wimbledumb or IBM)

    Playing against the Giants on Return: Kyrgios, Tsonga and Querry :-)
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    Berrettini Asks Federer How Much He Owes For Wimbledon Lesson

    Yes....obviously no one :-)
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    Rank the last ten Wimbledon champs by level?

    Mardy Fish on fast surfaces not a gimme
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    Berrettini will meet and beat Federer at Wimbledon R4

    Not saying I agree, but MB is the singular “unknown” player I wanted in Federer’s first four rounds.
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    Rafa fans, Federer or Djokovic?

    How is it a cake draw if he is scheduled to play Nadal (sf) then Djokovic (f)?
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    What do Federer fans think of his Semi Final run at the French Open?

    It was a good run. He beat the guys he should have and lost to the guy who was better.
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    Djokovic resume too skewed on Hard courts.

    you are comparing one of the 5 greatest players in the open era with one who has won a single masters.....simply put, that is what you are doing. it is quite a stretch thiem would have won 2 RG obviously as he was playing in the finals.....but you are guaranteeing he would have beat stan...