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    Anyone use Full Poly at super low tension for arm safe alternative to gut?

    You could try a gut/mains poly/cross hybrid. I would do this but it’s too expensive for me. Stringing low poly requires using lots of topspin to control the extra power. IMO, not suitable for flatter hitters.
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    Most disappointing next-gen player

    With the courts as slow as they are now I think both Sampras and Becker would struggle more. They would need to use their BHs more.
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    The Excuses or The Truth Poll: The One Skill That If Improved Makes You a Winner

    Improving footwork is not obvious to everyone. I know players who spent lots of cash on different rackets, strings, books etc. but don't actually improve much. I think some of it is the "holy grail" syndrome. Get a new stick and the latest string and you'll suddenly go up a level! I totally...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Mid 50s is too high, IMO. The Clash was designed to be played in the mid 40s otherwise it feels like a board and you won't get the ball pocketing.
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    The Excuses or The Truth Poll: The One Skill That If Improved Makes You a Winner

    I voted for fitness/footwork but a very close second would be, need to keep improving my serve.
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    Yonex DR98 to Clash 100 Tour?

    You get more control with the Clash 98?
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    The Clash

    My advice would be to first get healthy and then go through the demo process again. This way you’ll know for sure if a particular frame is right for you. It definitely sucks to be injured!
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    The Clash

    Assuming that you've already demoed it's always better to buy them at the same time from the same batch for more accuracy. Try googling this "Wilson clash quality control". There's a youtube video of a guy measuring 10 clashes static weight; they're quite close. I would also use the matching...
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    What are the rackets you carry in your bag?

    I couldn't agree more. Maybe it's because you're serious about winning. I have 4 Prince ESP 100 Warriors(14x16) that are identical except for slightly looser or tighter tensions.
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    Pure Drive Alternative

    Did you demo any of the Clash sticks before choosing the Ezone 100?
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    New Dunlop racquets on the way - SX Spin Series

    I’m interested in a frame that has pure drive like power but not the stiffness (I’m in my 50s), lots of spin potential but is forgiving like Wilson’s new clash. It’s just that Wilson’s quality control is all over the board so I’m intrigued by this new Dunlop racquet.
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    New Dunlop racquets on the way - SX Spin Series

    How is Dunlop’s quality control?
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    Tips for playing in 100F+ heat

    I’m currently living in southern Taiwan which in the summer has Miami like conditions; really hot and humid, sweat everywhere. Pickle juice works but it means you need to have bottles of it on hand which isn’t convenient. So what I do is add salt to my water and wear a wide brim hat. It also...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Thanks for posting. I’m very interested if the swing weight is close for all four clashes as well.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    What string gauge are using as a main?