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    TV shows that shouldn't have been cancelled

    1600 Penn, funny show, one season what should they bring back? The Night Stalker
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    Djokovic splits with Sergio Tacchini

    I agree completely
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    Federer presser

    Nick, the misspelling libby(or rather mis-typing I suppose)
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    Federer presser

    Thank you for the correction, you are truely a fine person.
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    Federer presser

    I've been a Fed fan and to me his categorization of Djokovic sounded elitist and dismissive. I'm not routing for him in future matches.
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    Young v Wawrinka

    WOOT! Congrates to Donald Young!
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    Ivan Dodig Upsets Nadal!

    I didn't realize that his foot(ego) was still bruised :)
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    Why is the China Open trophy so freaking big?

    the giant checks always make me think of Happy Gilmore
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    i just noticed djoko got some big hands

    well, I guess I don't have to watch any of that match that's about to come on in 10 minutes....
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    McEnroes' comments about Nadal

    and Simon too :)
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    Favorite internet humor sites?

    -Fark -FML
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    Most ridiculous sport?

    thank you, my thoughts exactly. oh, I loves me some fishing though
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    Worst movie?

    no way! it's a classic...."PUNISH!!!!" :):) *edit, I didn't notice that you listed the sequeal...nevermind I'll some some of mine: Eyes Wide Shut The Englishman Who Went up a Hill and came down a Mountain Charlie Wilson's War(Tom Hanks sucked and killed it)
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    Drinking on the job

    for hot weather it's gotta be either Bell's Oberon or Stellas Artois
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    fastest speed driven

    for a car;about 120 in 5-Series BMW on a bike; indicated 155 on my old ZX-9R