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    Anyone use Ashaway MonoGut ZX ?

    After a couple of weeks of playing on clay with a full bed of ZX the string bed has locked up. I might try to use ZX as a cross with gut mains. Or will this combo also get locked with play on clay?
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    What was the spiritual successor to the Wilson Steam 99?

    Wilson Blade 99 Team.
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    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Thomas Fabbiano from Wilson H22 to Head Speed Pro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fast thin beamed racket for my 11 year old

    Head G360 Speed MP Lite is 275 unstrung and has a thin-ish beam at 23mm.
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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

    I see you have it for sale now, and was curious what made you put it up for sale?
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    Demo program?

    Wow Sweden is no longer part of the demo program? That is surprising. How come Sweden was pulled from the list, TWE ?
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    Tried the New Wilson Triad XP5

    superdave3, do you know what strings were in the racket? It might be a good option for my dad who is also nearing 70. Unfortunately no demos available here.
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    The Most Disastrous Racquet Switches of the Big 4 Era

    Thiem from Prestige to Babolat.
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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

    Absence of molded handle does make you think that Wilson cut cormers with this one. You think Lite version strung with multi can work for a player with medium strokes and onehanded backhand?
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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

    Why do you think that? It doesn't feel like a solid frame? I'm considering buying it, but no demos where I live. At least it is cheap. Would get the Lite and add weight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lauren Davis racquet

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    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    Are Yonex custom fit rackets the same as regular retail, but with weight added? Or are they pro stock (different layup, materials) like Head custom made rackets?
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    Man, maybe i'm crazy, but i think the new RF97A 2018 is different from the 2016 version.

    That was my experience as well. Red/blk was more crisp, connected.
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    prostaff 97 countervail "no feel"

    It seems many players dislike the addition of countervail to Wilsons frames. Too much dampening of feedback when hitting. On top of that the velvet paint also gives the frames a more muted feel in my experience.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019

    It is the only way you could possibly lower the twist weight. A few issues though. It will probably change the feel depending on what you repaint with. It will not lower tw much if repaint weighs close to original paint. It is a lot of messy work to remove paint. You need to buy sandpaper...