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    TW 2006 Nike

    Dear Chris and Don. Can you please give a brief rundow on what the 2006 Australian open range will consist of eg. colours new 3/4 pants new sleeveless. Thank you. Chris
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    new nike shoes

    anyone got pics of the 2006 oz open nike range?
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    New Nike

    Hi TW I am just wondering if there will be any new editions to the fall 2005 mens nike line? Also will you have the shirt Federer will wear at the U.S open? Also any news about the first 2006 line. thans.
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    *USO Series Spoilers*

    hows ginepri and blake going?
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    Will Moya ever win another GS???

    Moya...what a waste of talent... Maybe one more TMS if he is luckey.
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    TW: Nike

    When can we expect pics? Any mens nike shirts orange geen or purple? Thanks TW.
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    3/4 Dri Fit Pants

    Does anyone know where I can find the 3'4 in australia? I have been looking for them everywhere..??? Help help me out..
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    Stella Artois + Halle Spoilers!

    AWESOME!!! Do you think federer will wear something new for wimbledon?
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    What will Federer wear at the French?

    He has been wearing his current red shirt since the Nasdaq 100 in march I think he will wearing something new or a diffrent colour (not white). Any ideas or predictions?
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    Hrbaty's SHIRT!!!!

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    WHAT is nadal wearing

    What the hell!! I am the biggest Nike fan.....I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY....YACK!
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    Nike switch from player-specific to generic

    hopefully Federer WILL get a Nike line...he deserves it.
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    Roddick to switch to Lacoste

    pretty plain if you ask me. hopefully some cool designs will follow...
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    New Fischer on the horizon

    was bagdatis wearing feds shirt?
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    Houston *Spoilers*

    who does james have next?