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    Eagnas by far has the worst customer service and it seems to me they only have 1 phone line. Everytime I call it's always busy. I own an Eagnas machine and regret buying it because of the fact it's such a hassle to ask them for spare parts or service. I normally don't use the word "hate"...
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    New Signum Pro Plasma HEXtreme

    I couldn't say. I've never strung my racquets with a full Hextreme string job. When I asked my teammates if they noticed a difference when I hit to them using the string combination of HEXtreme and SPPP, they said there was much more spin comming at them than before when I was using SPPP by...
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    New Signum Pro Plasma HEXtreme

    I have this string in my racquets right now. I have the 1.25mm Hextreme in the mains and put the 1.18mm Poly Plasmas for the crosses. I really like the feel of this combination. It has a nice crisp feel and I can hit with just a bit more spin. It really bites into the ball.
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    Opinions on Eagnas Combo 810

    Understandable, but I can't say that would be the case with me. I ordered better clamps for my Eagnas from James at Mutual Power (James has excellent customer service by the way, he responds to all e-mails), the SC-501 models and there was no problems, they fit fine. I didn't like the...
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    Opinions on Eagnas Combo 810

    I have an Eagnas Combo 810. It's probably over 4 years old, I string about 5-10 racquets per month on it and it still going strong. The stringing machine is practically bullet proof. The only downside is the customer service for the stringing machine isn't the greatest it's probably the...
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    Did your Eagnas work or not?

    I bought a used Eagnas Combo 910 and I really like it. It's really solid, easy to use and just so much easier to string than my old drop weight with flying clamps. The only problem I have is that one of the clamps, if not adjusted right, will 'nick' the strings. I know the customer service...
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    3.0 needs help - what string for O3 Tour?

    this is a long one to read I've been playing with the O3 Tours since spring and I've been experimenting with different types of strings and 'hybrid' type stringing. I own my own stringer, which gives me the ability to experiment more than someone who has to go to a shop and pay the string and...
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    Prince 03 Tour strings

    I'm a heavy hitter that likes to put a lot of spin on the ball. True the 18 gauge will not last that long by itself, when I used Hurricane 18 gauge by itself, the string only lasted 5-6 hours. With a softer cross, overall string life improved dramatically. I don't think the Hurricane 16 will...
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    Prince 03 Tour strings

    I mentioned this in an earlier post about mixing strings and creating a hybrid combination. For a good mix of durability, feel, and playability it's much better to use the multifilament type string for your cross and a mono or synthtic gut as your mains. The reason behind this is because the...
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    best string for O3 Tour?

    I 've been playing with the O3 Tour for about 4 months and the best string combination that I have found for durability, control, and comfort is using Babolat Hurricane 18g for the mains and Wilson Sensation 16g for the crosses. I string my own racquets and had the tension at 62lbs and it kept...