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    need help !!! which grommet is suitable for TGK231.3 16x19 but youtek radical mp ???

    That’s correct. Short grommets are PS only.
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    Khachanov new Nike shoe?

    Agassi in the background.
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    Rublev's Zebra Wilson, is it... a six one 95 ?

    Did he use the Gravity against Roger?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Just in my wet dreams. :eek:
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    No Blade tour alias H22 platform, or it may be released later.
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    Fed’s dad and agent wearing Nike hats today

    Arnaud Boetsch, he works for Rolex i think.
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    Fed new shoe sponsor at wimbly?

    Wow! He is wearing Nike shoes! :eek:
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    HEAD TGK AND TGT 231.3
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    HEAD TGK AND TGT 231.3

    Strange to have TT associated with MicroGel! o_O
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    P1 RF...

    Good biz for ballkids... Seriously, that seller must be smoking crack. :rolleyes:
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    Closest Retail Wilson racquet to H22

    Update for June 2019?
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    PT 280 / TT Radical Tour butt cap question

    They will fit, just get the new ones.
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    Haase with Radical MP

    What is the 307?