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    Looser strings more power is a myth...

    Exactly...the increase in power by lowering tension is really quite small assuming people equate power w. ballspeed....lower tensions increase the launch angle of the shot making it easier to get depth on the shot <or hit the ball long lacking spin for control>. It is very possible to hit the...
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    Racquet for clay

    for sure..ideally, you would want to play with a racquet with a swingweight that works on all surfaces, but you need a racquet that will provide enough 'weight of shot' to pierce/penetrate the court on the clay. that doesnt necessarily mean a high swingweight means a well designed...
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    What is, all things considered, the BEST natural gut? really is stringing 101. havent read Stringers Digest.
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    What is, all things considered, the BEST natural gut?

    Nonsense. a drop weight is a constant pull machine. the weight constantly pulls the string until clamped Also, the arm doesnt have to be right at horizontal to get an accurate relative tension. 10 degrees off horizonzal <or more> in either direction yields the same result as horizontal.
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    Unmyth Of The Wrist Snap

    The fact that the term 'pronation' always causes so much confusion and disagreement around here indicates that it isnt a good verbal cue....pronation is a type of wrist fact the verbal cue wrist snap tends to work better for most lessons than pronation. the term pronation seems to have...
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    KPS88 Update: NEW Sampras Frame! [Merged]

    It's always a good idea when changing/experimenting w. changes in gear to change only one variable at a time if this case I assume you were changing the racquet, so therefore you would want to keep the string and tension the same as what you were using in your previous bat. In this...
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    K90 and "mojo setup"

    I usually recommend people limit the number of changes when experimenting with gear, so unless (you are changing to/from 18m's, I would suggest you start w. your normal string tension and adjust as necessary <considering that the Iso string you will be using calls for a 10% bump in tension>
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    From AeroPro Drive to k90

    thanks man...appreciate it
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    The Three-Up, One-Back Formation

    The 10 foot rope paradigm almost always applies...It's the most elemental basic of dubs there is
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    From AeroPro Drive to k90

    sorry to have missed your post and others because of the usual troll(s) doing the usual trolling creating the usual whack..after reading this you may be sorry you asked...;) a 'Panyhose Lesson' is a lesson given to some woman wearing pantyhose...they are usually significantly overweight and the...
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    From AeroPro Drive to k90

    Thought to update this as I just concluded hitting lessons w. this guy Conclusions: The guy's game went and stayed into the dumper as a result of his racquet switch, and he still doesnt acknowledge he was far better off using the APD which was a much better match to his skillset. So he got some...
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    Who thinks Fed would play better with a 95" racquet?

    Fedace that is a logical presumption, but if you arent familiar w. the k90 that racquet has some unusual properties...first off there is a hot spot down low compared to the middle of the stringbed and also up north of center. couple that with the way they layed out the strings increasing the...
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    My attempt at polarization

    Think I can bring my polarization experiment to conclusion Conclusion: -The quality of ball hit with the polarized setup is marginally better for me than a conventional setup. It would be meaningful to an advanced player..someone at least 4.5..anyone less and folks have bigger fish to fry...
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    K90 and "mojo setup"

    The Pro and Control Classic come on a plastic reel..that's the one you string tighter. As far as tensions go...most racquets (which arent dense stringbeds) play well within the recommended tension range....smaller headed frames like the k90 suffer from a relatively further reduced sweetzone...