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    How much string should be cut from a 200 m string reel for a 97 sq in frame?

    I'd say, for this first time, don't overthink it. Whatever extra you waste this one time is going to be miniscule in the long run. For convenience, I suggest the wing span method. If you are fairly regular sized, 4 wing span is a pretty close estimation for 20' ~ 21'. For your reference, for my...
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    How much string should be cut from a 200 m string reel for a 97 sq in frame?

    I assume you'll be stringing the same racquet multiple times in the future. You can use this time to find out exactly how much you need. Measure a safe amount that would definitely be enough (40' or 20' + 20', or 4 of your wingspans...etc), doesn't really matter what method you want to go with...
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    Atp male forehand vs. female wta forehand. What's the difference?

    I'm not a coach or sports scientist, but from my observations, there is highly likely an anatomical factor to why males and females tend toward the ATP and WTA forehand respectively. I say this because two of my friends (one male one female) just started taking tennis lessons together. They were...
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    Jordan 11s CMFT for tennis?

    My experience is most basketball shoes are designed for hard wood and will not last for hard court tennis especially if you slide at all. My last basketball shoe lasted me years of casual rec basketball. I grinded that through withing 2 weeks of when I started playing tennis. I'm a bit out of...
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    138 KMH Serve

    I have always wondered this. Considering how much the tennis ball slows down because of the light weight and fuzz, the speed can be drastically different depending on where it is measured. Nice to finally know the answer.
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    Less Spin with 4 1/2 Grip Size

    This reminds me, @djorourke94 did you physically measure the grip circumference of the racquets? Babolat is know to run large, and I feel my experience with Tecnifibre is they tend to run small, but then the Pure Strike also has a thinner replacement grip than other Babolats. It might be worth...
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    Less Spin with 4 1/2 Grip Size

    Based on the info given, I think it is likely you grip the racquet too tight regardless of grip size. On a smaller grip you get a bit more freedom of movement even if you grip tightly, which allows for higher racquet head speed and spin, but probably also caused your arm pain. On a bigger (or...
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    Swingweight vs String tension

    Lower string tension raises launch angle. Higher static/swing weight gives more forward power (provided you can swing it effectively). My 2 cents is if you are struggling with depth, lower tension. If you want to actually hit harder, add weight (again provided you can still swing it well).
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    Best compliment you've received

    5.5 level friend: "who taught you how to play" me: "youtube" friend: "your strokes kind of look like Federer" me: "well most of tennis on youtube is federer" friend: "that's true"
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    Cutting the cable tie of prepackaged strings?

    I just form a loop with my index finger and thumb around the strings (like the ok sign), cut the cable tie carefully, then just wiggle it around and slowly let the string relax between my fingers. One the string is relaxed, you can do whatever with it and it wouldn't really tangle. I've tossed...
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    The "late call" loophole

    My friends and I have been implementing a rule where we both just admit our eye sights suck, so if anytime it's just too difficult to call, we just redo the point. Obviously don't work in competitive matches, but saves a lot of arguing in friendlys.
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    Moving from VCORE Pro 97HD to VCORE 98.

    I did try to make this switch a while ago. Spoilers alert: I sold my VCore 98. I'm not saying the VCore 98 isn't a good racquet. It is definitely more forgiving and powerful, but I just never properly gelled with it. I never felt entirely connected to the ball on more finesse shots like pickup...
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    Serve shoulder turn / upper body

    I'm honestly just curious now as to where you think the hips and shoulders are for you to think they are relatively aligned. To help facilitate the conversation, do you mind drawing lines on the top-down images to show how exactly you think the shoulder and hips are aligned?
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    In general the slice is a harder shot to execute than the overhead

    I will trust that you didn't just move the goal post because you realize you are fighting a losing battle. If, like you said, the player is of high level and has "correct technique" for both shots, then what is the point of discussing the difficulty of the shot? The scenario you just set up...
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    In general the slice is a harder shot to execute than the overhead

    The entire point of the first part of my comment is that the whole abbreviated or not discussion adds nothing to the original argument, so why is this still going on? You're not just comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing an apple to a watermelon to a grapefruit to an orange, and trying...