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    Who has the best chance to defeat Novak Djokovic at AO 2020?

    I actually was present at the Note/Tsitsipas match in Paris. The Greek just wasn't there. He signed off at 30-0 in the first game.
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    Your realistic expectation from Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open 2020

    Nadal would not now beat Tsitsipas by the margin he did then. You may be sure of that.
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    Thoughts on Roberto Bautista Agut as a player?

    I like him since I discovered he supports LGBTQ and loves horses. He is very understated which is much better than Nadal's phallic pumping every time he wins a point.
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    Nadal 10 Federer 3

    This match had huge symbolic significance. Because Nadal lost he remains clay goat. Had he won the arguments would have started about how he's THE goat and he would still have had a chance to win another major. In terms of the legacy this match is actually more important for Roger than the...
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    Double standards? Fognini fined just $3,000 for saying Wimbledon should be bombed while Kyrgios gets $8,000 in fines

    Fognini didn't say Wimbledon should be bombed. He just said Court 12 should be bombed.
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    Nadal vs Kyrgios; tennis needs more of this

    Hw goes too far sometimes (often) but when he is like he was against Thompson yesterday I really enjoy watching him. It's just as likely that tomorrow he'll lose in 3 routine sets as that he'll light the place up and beat Nadal as he did all those years ago. I do think he cares about...
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    Djokovic will win Wimbledon #5 in 2 weeks

    Of course Nole is the 'bookies favourite'. Many fans believed he would win RG (though I think the bookies stuck with Nadal, didn't they???) He was not playing particularly well in Paris, so if he is the favourite at Wimbledon it is because of 1) past history (i.e. 2018), 2) it would be very...
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    The toughest draw of all time: Nadal at Wimbledon 2019

    This would be a tough draw if the 'tough' opponents weren't in the doldrums. Cilic? He's done nothing this year. Thiem has never been good on grass, but I think he may do better this year, but it won't be enough, Kyrgios will withdraw/tank/get disqualified, Shapovalov has been pathetic...
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    Djokovic is "surprised" at Wimbledon seeding

    Nole is being subtly bitchy.
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    Nadal is ahead of Federer in Slams adjusted by difficulty

    This is all childish and silly. Numbers don't tell the whole story. There is never a level playing field. Federer Nadal and Djokovic each play differently. Comparisons are in the end pointless and actually meaningless. There is no one greatest player in the whole history of the game...