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    Zvev and Med CAN beat Djoker but…

    That was not the Nadal we used to know.
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    "Fresh air" Fernandez

    Fernandez is a nauseating little madam. The way she bobbed up and down was so annoying. She plays very well but her self satisfaction was a total turn off and I hated the way she played to the crowd. The very worst kind of teenager. So different from Raducanu's poise and maturity.
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    This Olympic Fiasco Will Be Completely Forgotten When CYGS Is Complete.

    It's possible. But what I most disliked about Djokovic's behaviour at the Olympics was less his throwing racquets about then his supremely ungracious way of talking about his loss to Zverev. All he talked about was his so-called injuries and exhaustion etc. He never once mentioned the fact...
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    Djokovic Trailed Federer by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams in 2010

    I agree. the success Djokovic has achieved is partly down to his being younger than his 2 main rivals. Age does matter, even a couple of years. The failure of younger players to forge a real challenge is rather mysterious. I do think the immense hype surrounding Federer, Nadal and...
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    The lesson from Musetti-gate: It's not a crime to retire from loss of condition.

    Djokovic was incredibly patronising to Musetti in the post match presser. Patting him on the head from a very great height. I found his attitude nauseating. He's always trying to do the great paternalistic philosopher thing these days. And its partly the fault of Djokovic that fitness has...
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    Who can stop Djokovic at Wimbledon this year?

    I'm a Fed fan but there is no way he will win Wimbledon. Nadal will definitely not win Wimbledon. He's visibly ageing and it's a real possibility he won't win RG either. If None is the 'favourite' for Wimbledon that is only because he has all the qualities and skills that make it possible...
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    Post your Grandslam predictions for 2021

    As usual, overreaction to the latest news. Since AO, this year has not been normal and little can be predicted from it. The US and RG draws were lacking some significant players - at RG especially it cannot be denied that Djokovic and Nadal had easy draws. Fitness and form were more...
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    Djokovic, potential 4th round woes

    Much as I don't want to see either Nole or Nadal in the final, all this is clutching at straws.
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    Tsitsipas will reach the FO final

    I would love Tsitsipas to win the FO but in his last two tournaments he choked - against Coric in America and against Rublev in Hamburg. He should have won both those matches and was well on the way to doing so. He is very up and down - look at his first two sets against the fat Spanish...
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    Djokovic popularity