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    Babolat Propulse 3 - Men's Size 8.5

    My coworker has a pair of 9's if you can go 1/2 size bigger. they're the blue and white ones with about 5-10 minutes court time.
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    FT: 2 Volkl C10 Pro

    I got a Wilson BLX Pro Tour 9/10 4 3/8 grip. Which ver of the c10 pro are these?
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    arm pain with APD 2013

    I play with tourna black7 16 at 58 with no problems.
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    Custom Paintjob Question

    I went to an auto parts store and picked up a duplicolor 2in1 scratch fix. I got a 2013 blade thru a trade that looked like it was just strung and then dropped and there were a few chips and a couple scratches. The 2in1 has a brush but also has a rollerball option. It worked great to hide the...
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    AeroPro Drive. Really that stiff?

    As I've stated in a difft thread. I've used every ver of the APD and all gave me TE except for the 2013 ver. I've used the 2 ver of the PD prior to the 2012 and that would give me TE if I use it on consecutive days. My APD is strung with black 7 at 58lbs btw.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    I've used every version of the APD and have had varying elbow pain. Every iriteration I think..this will be it..this version will let me use this racquet without pain..but every time I was wrong..until the 2013 ver. I am happy to say I can finally use an APD without TE. I do not play the modern...
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    Anyone else having a problem with Volkl Organix grommets?

    I've had both my 325 strung twice each and a 295 strung twice as well my a local coach and have not seen any of these cracks people have seen.
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    Help my cousin's 2hbh grip

    Thanks I will try having her hit with an eastern grip. Told her to hold lower but bad habits arise when she doesn't have time to think and she reverts back to the open grip.
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    Help my cousin's 2hbh grip

    My female cousin..she's about 12 or 13 now I think. I hit around with her the other day and noticed every time she hit her 2hbh it tended to go into the net and she had this weird twisting motion. I asked her about it and saw how she gripped the racquet. She holds her right hand continental but...
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    My BLX2 Blade experiment

    I didn't add any lead just a TW leather grip I bought a few years ago and an overgrip. I could kinda tell the difference in how I was hitting. My opponent told me the ball felt heavier today than last week when I played him. Ball was coming faster with more spin.
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    My BLX2 Blade experiment

    I didn't think much of modding the 18x20 until I saw this thread. I've only played with it on 2 occasions for 2hrs each. At stock it feels light as I was coming from a Organix 10 325. I was just thinking of adding some lead and putting a leather grip over it. Is that ok or better to stick them...
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    Help with selecting a new shoe

    thanks guys..gonna pick up the B7
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    Help with selecting a new shoe

    I think I have a flatter arch but not really sure. I've worn barricade 5 with no problems but the 6 hurt my arch. I've worn ballistecs 1.3 and 2.3 with no problems but the 3.3s have hurt my feet. I'm using feather 1s but those are wearing down. My feet aren't too wide..average I guess.
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    FS: Rare Nike/Adidas Shirts and Shorts

    looking for both adidas shorts, the adidas black shirts and white/black fed shirt. Lemme know 1337 dot etek@ gmail dot com