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    Who is more gifted between Djokovic and Nadal?

    Thanks. It's not too bad.
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    Djokovic vs Nadal

    Djokovic 16 GS (7 AOs, 5 Ws, 3 USOs, 1 RG) 5 YECs 5 YE #1 260+ weeks at number one Nadal 18 GS (12 RGs, 3 USOs, 2 Ws, 1 AO) 0 YECs 4 YE #1 196 weeks at number one Who is greater?
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    Are Ned and Sir Murray ATGs on grass?

    Just wondering.
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    Remove the Big 4

    Remove Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Wawrinka. How many Slams does Murray win in his career?
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    Novak won all three Real Slams in a row three times

    Actually Federer and Djokovic won the real Grand Slam multiple times.
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    Doping should be now legal for Djokovic until RG is over.
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    2019 RG QF: Federer vs Wawrinka

    Nishikori is a God. Gets so much money without putting much effort on the court.
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    Djokovic's RG kit

    That orange color... The Lacoste... It's like it represents Roland Garros itself.