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    Rank these 3 versions of Djokovic.

    Federer is harder to shut out like that too, especially for Djokovic, and the obvious reason is because of his great serve. It's much harder for Djokovic to break him than it is for him to break Nadal. For that reason, I probably would rank AO 2016 1st as well, then AO 2019, then Doha. Doha...
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    Clay 2004-09 Federer vs 2011-16 Djokovic

    Djokovic was 30-11 against the top 10 during that time and Federer was 16-10. Djokovic won 1 RG and 7 Masters, and Federer won 1 RG and 4 Masters. Best periods of their clay careers but I think it's clear Djokovic edges this.
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    The Second Coming Is Upon Us

    Then when you tell people Murray has more left in the tank, can win a Masters and make it deep in a Slam or 2 again, they act like you are speaking another language. Congrats to Murray and well done. I wish I had watched the tournament.
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    A better grass court player - Murray or Djokovic

    Djokovic has the overall higher win percentage on grass as well, and the higher win percentage at Wimbledon. It used to be an argument that could be argued either way but not any longer.
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    Sampras competition vs Federer competition vs Djokovic competition?

    I must have missed the part where being 11 months older than Novak places you into a different generation.
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    How to stop fan wars

    How exactly am I being dragged into this, again? :X3: :D Well if there is even a slight chance that I had something to do with two people crossing the great pond to find each other and be together, then dammit I have done one great deed on TTW. Lol. Life is too short to not enjoy it.
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    Why Djokovic has bogeyman but not Fedal ?

    Which player do you mean?
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    Why Djokovic has bogeyman but not Fedal ?

    Yea and both Federer and Nadal have lost 3 times to Del Potro/Cilic in Slams to Djokovic's 0. You win some, you lose some. Another pointless thread from the addict. Big 3's head to head in Slams against other Slam winners and non ATGs from this era (Murray, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Cilic) Federer...
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    I wouldn't say he owned Nadal on clay since Nadal was 3-2 over him but Djokovic went 7-3 in that time frame, and 3-1 in Slam finals. I wouldn't even say he owned Federer on clay even though he was 2-1 was against him but that 6-1 record he had against him in that time frame and 3-1 in Slams is...
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    From AO 2011 to AO 2012, where within that time frame Djokovic and Nadal played in 4 straight finals, Djokovic did own all the big 4 and the field. I have no idea what Tsits, Kyrgios or Medvedev have to do with this who lead or are close in the head to head but never beat Djokovic in a Slam.
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    Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 vs 2019

    I would say based on level of play, 2015 > 2011 > 2014 > 2018 > 2019 so it's not hard to see which version would win.
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    The Weird World Of Men's Tennis: Djokovic's Wimbledon Finales...

    The 2000s had some of the weakest Wimbledon runs in the Open Era: Sampras in 2000 and Hewitt in 2002. Not to mention that Ancic was mostly a non-factor at Wimbledon, making only one SF. Henman was a good grass player but his role was always to play groomsman to the best grass players. Besides...
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    The Weird World Of Men's Tennis: Djokovic's Wimbledon Finales...

    And Djokovic had won 2 before he was 28. It's not like he just starting winning them at that age. How exactly is the Wimbledon field in the 2010s noticeably weaker especially in comparison to the decade prior? If anything it was the opposite.
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    The Weird World Of Men's Tennis: Djokovic's Wimbledon Finales...

    Yes, Andy was better on the day in those two matches.