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    Nadal is weak on indoor hard court and Sampras is weak on clay

    Our resident (Fed-)village clown has a point for once. Here's the full comparison: All that said... it's undeniable that the YEC no longer boasts the same cachet it once did. So Rafa's weakness does look somewhat less obtrusive if you insist on partisan d!ck measuring, but should any player's...
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    Top 10 Best ATP Finals Matches

    This is the indisputable #1, kids: Went back and forth between the Med-Rafa SF and these extended highlights (posted less than a week ago), which really was like night and day. Seriously if you think Pete and Boris wouldn't more than hold their own against anyone today you have absolutely no...
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    Marriage quotes and quips

    Was gonna use this link as a starting point to expand on the Austen chestnut but skimming what apparently passes for wit and wisdom around here made me think twice. (I'll just say it's not to be taken at face value.) And of course the Tolstoy aphorism is another oft-bastardized one, if only...
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    The movies with the greatest one liners

    The single best line? "Our marriage is only superficially superficial," uttered by Charles Boyer's Monsieur de (in his first role in his native French since WWII) in Max Ophüls' 1953 masterpiece Madame de... (The Earrings of Madame de . . . ) - a romance par excellence despite its slight source...
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    Americans of TTW, how popular is Roger Federer in USA compared to

    OP, if you're serious about this question ignore everything that's been said in this thread. Pretty much everyone here is talking out of their ass, or at least making the all-too-frequent mistake of projecting their own experience onto the world. Also most popular doesn't necessarily equal most...
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    RIP Alex Trebek

    Jeopardy! will never be the same again. And no, that's not an opinion. That's a fact verified by the Big 3: And while Ken may still be the king it's James who dug up the best goodie this time: He will be missed by millions. May the man rest in peace.
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    Favourite movie from each decade?

    More anime faves, again quoted from said convo (though earlier on 12/5/19): I'm still not ready to name Howl's Moving Castle one of my absolute faves from the aughts along with A.I. and The Saddest Music in the World, but now I'm thinking it deserves an honorary mention at least: So does...
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    Favourite movie from each decade?

    Been meaning to share my thoughts on Isao Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies ever since I saw some of you praise it to the skies in the "saddest/most depressing movies" thread, but since it's also been mentioned here and I owe an overdue reply I suppose I'll make the switch myself. You probably...
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    What was the best tennis season?

    This is the best YEC final ever, kids: As to the Q: Off the top of my head I can't think of a more competitive season in the last 30 years. The big surprise here was Chang, who not only cracked the all-important 60% in GW on clay - it does speak well of Muster's run that he was still able...
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    FED: “I’m not retiring anytime soon... more left in me”

    Obviously it's too early to tell but assuming his bod holds up, I'm guessing he's got one more Wimby in him. His nemesis Rafa's (likely) continued dominance at RG and Novak knocking on the GS door will motivate him that much more. And this might sound counterintuitive but I also wouldn't be...
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    PETE could’ve won Wimbledon 8 times in a row

    Nah, I don't see anyone beating '96 Krajicek or '01 Ivanisevic at SW19. To call it fate would border on meaningless mumbo jumbo, but that's what it does feel like in hindsight. With Richard's typically weaker BH return catching fire (and his health intact for a long stretch for once) and Goran...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Wanted to share this earlier but better late than never. These horror classics are still available on the TCM app (most of 'em are must-sees at any time of the year!), with the last dates to stream in parentheses: Cat People (11/1) The Haunting (1963, 11/1) House on Haunted Hill (11/1) Eyes...
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    Are the Big 3 the most well known people from their countries?

    Popular culture (fairly strictly speaking) absolutely trumps sports or politics when it comes to name recognition. I've told this story before but I still recall being gobsmacked when a former college roomie from Ghana told me many people in Africa don't know what POTUS or the pope even looks...
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    Are the Big 3 the most well known people from their countries?

    Nadal might be a bigger name than Banderas today and Penelope Cruz is probably as famous at this point, but yeah it's comical anyone would cite social media as a barometer of worldwide popularity. Users of Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook tilt heavily towards the youngest demographics, and...
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    Could any player from the last 20 years have challenged Nadal in the 2020 FO Final?

    If we're talking potential 5- or even 4-setters the likes of Coria, Gaudio, Davy and Delpo would also qualify, but this Q comes from VB and you know they're "asking" whether anyone in the last 20 years could've actually conquered their hero, hence my earlier nomination of Guga only. Rafa may be...