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    Should Federer have chosen Bautista Agut over Djokovic at Laver Cup?

    lol at an exo choosing Djokovic over Roberto Batista A-who?
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    How is Djokovic unaffected by age?

    Tell that to Barry Bond's giant head, lol. And he never failed a drug test!
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    Djokovic v Cilic: Tel Aviv recap and analysis

    Didn't see a lot of it but damn, Novak's return game was on point! You would think eyes/reflexes would be giving out in mid-30's but not for him.
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    How is Djokovic unaffected by age?

    So that's the litmus test for not doping? Suing someone? LOL Lance Armstrong sued EVERYBODY who accused him and he ruined many of their lives because he had so much money and could drag them through expensive lawsuits forever. People who believe their *insert sport* favorite player isn't using...
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    Djo always giving back

    That is really nice, good on Joker. I always wondered why the big guns don't do this more often. Such good PR for the player and the racket company and it's not like the player doesn't get as many as he wants anyways...usually they give away smashed ones which is kind of lame.
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    Review of 6 shoes/sizes for med/slightly wide foot

    I don't see how you can do a proper tennis shoe review by just walking around in them in your house. You can tell if they fit your foot, sure, but that's about it.
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    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a tennis court.

    And you should move your traitor behind here:
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    Who's the biggest clown here?!

    Meddy's built like Tommy 'Hitman' Hearns. Look out for the tall skinny guys, leverage for days. No one did Duran dirty the way Hearns did:
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    Djokovic injury incoming at Laver Cup

    If Fed fans salivated every time Rafa has been injured, they would die from dehydration.
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    Is this the beginning of the end for Djokovic?

    Suddenly have to train for an intense exo? LOL According to his fans he's been training like crazy and will win 9 more slams! Hope he (and Rafa) recovers and is at full strength in 2023 so we can resume the slam race.
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    Medvedev giving it back

    And wine! BO + perfume + wine =
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    Are you pumped for 5-6 more years of Nadal and Djokovic?

    Joker's gonna win 9 more slams? @Rosstour - just because you are tapping the fountain of youth doesn't mean Joker will.
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    Mac says Iga was borderline cheating.... I think not.....

    You said you were going to 'put together ALL the allegations' and talk to her about them. I'm sure she's been asked about all of those things in one form or another so I guess none of them belong on your list. Awww poor Iga, everyone is mean to her! :cry:
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    Mac says Iga was borderline cheating.... I think not.....

    You forgot lying about the double bounce winner at the FO:
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    Mac says Iga was borderline cheating.... I think not.....

    So it's unsafe to bring a woman aboard a ship unless she is topless. Well now you've done it @Born_to_slice , you have finally posted a crazy theory that I can support!