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    String Savers - anyone use them

    I used to use them in my synthetic (mains) days. Now with a poly main hybrid there is no need.
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    Anyone see a stranger factory defect in a tennis ball than this? *pic*

    I know, I'm guessing they pried it up a bit before I took the pic but still...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Yes, the pickleball courts are pretty empty, tennis pretty full. Not sure it's so much the demo as it is the non-social distance of pickleball doubles. 95% of pb I've seen is dubs and you are pretty much standing right next to each other, exhaling deeply. I don't mind pb, but I do feel sorry...
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    Intuitive Tennis Responds to Tennis Communitee Ripping Apart Supposed 4.0 Player

    Watched a couple minutes of the original vid. He looks terrible, can barely move. Looks like a setup because he looks so much better in the 2nd vid. No one would argue he couldn't be 4.0 after watching 2nd vid.
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    Anyone see a stranger factory defect in a tennis ball than this? *pic*

    A member of my tennis group bought a case of Costco Penn's and opened a can Sunday at our doubles. We were using 4 courts, I was never on the court with the balls in question. Anyway after almost 3 hours I was getting ready to leave and I heard that court talking about broken strings and a...
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    Love the aggressive net play, nice dubs! I would love to be on that court. I'm still working from home which allows me to play as much tennis as my wrist allows (which continues it's slow healing process thankfully) so I've been hitting 4 times a week (2 hitting sessions, 1 singles match and...
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    Yonex frame cracked on serve

    You know how pros sometimes flick their racket down head first into the court then catch it and continue to play with no damage? Don't try that with a Yonex! <-- ask me how I know lol.
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    Can I go Pro? (Or at least go to D1)

    Hopefully not on 'Cops'.
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    Has wall hitting screwed with my game?

    Yeah the fitness and footwork will pay off for sure, you just need to get used to 'normal' hitting again. Wall can't create topspin so you need to get used to that again.
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    Bad stringing job or it's normal?

    I'm pretty sure it's @jim e 's fault.
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    JC Aragone show leadership in these demanding times

    That is awesome, I have two nephews with type 1, it is no joke.
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    Rick Macci Video - Developing a Winning Volley

    Look where he practices volleys, right inside the T. I see so many rec players take volley practice from very close to the net, which does not prepare them for the 'real world' of volleying.