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    RF logo is back !

    i have to admit, this is pretty ugly
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    RF Cap is back

    WOW,, Crazy good looking hat. but couldn't they have made the front logo bit smaller ?? It is so Huge, can see it 2 miles away.
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    López Pérez Banned For 8 Years for Tennis Match Fixing

    can he have the sentence reduced to 2 years ?
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    Diego Maradona dies aged 60

    Brittany Spears when she was young. and celine-dion when she is older. There is no ambiguity here
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    Male Ladybugs

    how much does it cost ?
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    College players and HUGE drop in utr

    Stanford players still playing ITF events to keep up the rankings. STANFORD, Calif. – Signing an elite junior tennis prospect to a national letter of intent, Stanford men's tennis will welcome Max Basing to the program in the class of 2025.
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    Stanford Men

    He was playing toe to toe in practice with Rafa Nadal. Very impressive.
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    Stanford Men

    Stanford signs Max Basing. One of the top ITF juniors that will make impact right away.
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    Bianca Andreescu Racket

    that head racket looks good
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread it also saids on the bottom, Tsisipas and Zeverev will be endorsing / wearing this shoes. Is this true ?
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    Patrick McEnroe Is Bored

    Borg vs Vilas , french open final
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread In the Fit details, it saids Width is Medium. But if you looks at Chris's video review of the shoe, it saids Width is Narrow. Which is correct information ? Thank you
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    Will you be playing indoors this winter?

    Well, Military is handling all the logistics. great news. What can go wrong with that ? hoot hoot
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    Will you be playing indoors this winter?

    Once i get the proton at christmas, i will play indoor tennis court. with this ball machine, i expect to be 5.5 level in 2 months time.
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    RF logo is back !

    Looks great but too bad we won't get to see it too much in the slam finals